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My Journal
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May 28th, 2008

Well, It's been quite a while since my last entry. I suppose it's because I haven't had much time to write--being a diplomat for the Alliance is much more work than I thought! After we beat back the horde assailing the Northeast, we started to look towards expanding the Alliance. As of now, we've ushered in four new groups; The GDA, WIZARD, ZHU, and the RHVP. All fine survivor organizations. However, it has to be noted that all survivors aren't on the same side. Specifically, DORIS and Red Rum come to mind.

It turned out that our allies in the south, the Imperium of Man, had developed a small murderer infestation. Saromu, notorious mass murderer and leader of the band of murderers, DORIS, found it amusing to declare all out war on our friends in the Imperium, merely because of their beliefs and ideals. We thought that this insurrection would be put down swiftly, but as the conflict drew on, it became more and more apparent that the murderers meant to stay until the Imperium was completely wiped out. The Alliance would not stand for this.

On the 10th of May, the Alliance voted unanimously to declare war on this invading murderer horde. Immediately after, Alliance troops began the long march towards Gibsonton... myself included. We arrived a few days later, met up with the Imperial remnants, and began to engage the murderers. The fighting was fierce, but after two weeks or so, the murderers began to break. Two of the largest gangs in the fighting, Red Rum and the Philosophe Knights, declared they were leaving the suburb around the 23rd. Without the backing of his buddies, Saromu had no choice but to "declare victory" and skip town. As of today, the murderers are in full retreat.

Now begins the long and tedious task of defending and rebuilding the fine suburb of Gibsonton, as almost immediately after the departure of the murderers, a horde of zombies began to encroach from the south. It seems our job never ends... but I've got nothing to complain about. I'm in one piece and on my way to the victory celebration. V-G Day is what we're calling it. Let's hope those rotten zombies don't ruin our fun. Well, at least for a day or two. Heh.


February 13th, 2008

I'll never get used to the sting. That nasty feeling you get when you stand up... like you've been in another world. I have many, many, holes in my neck - each one a bad memory. It's a terrible thing really... you finally expect peace through death, accept your fate in this world - only to become undead. Mindless... soulless... its disgusting.

I longed for what seemed like an eternity to have that bad dream ripped away from me, and... eventually... relief came. However, I only remember bits and pieces of how I came to join the ranks of the undead... regardless of how it happened, it appears that we lost the battle for Giddings Mall.

I haven't been... alive for long, and I didn't have much time to speak with my reviver, but from what I learned, it seems the zombies have pushed all the way to the northeast. They've trashed Rolt Heights... Pescodside... even Dulston. The mall, the Whitlock building... everything.

I was inside the Clewett building with around twenty survivors. But... I.. had to leave them behind. Over a dozen zombies got inside. They were dragged into the street... I can still hear the screams. I wish I would have stayed... I owed it to them... but, maybe I can still repay them.

I'm inside an empty railway station. Youl Avenue Railway, to be specific. I don't know what to do though. As far as i know, the only survivors of the massacre of the northeast are now dead. Am I alone? Every building around me is ruined... the radio is... silent. For the first time since I can remember, I'm sitting here listening to dead air. I can't write any more... have to keep moving. No barricades means no protection, and since I'm infected I need to find some medical supplies.

Time... there is never enough time.


January 27th, 2008

A lot of stuff has happened since last month, but nothing tops the stop of the Second Big Bash. I'm down in Pitneybank right now, holed up in Bromley Auto Repair. Just got done repairing the barricades and reviving a few friendlies outside the Morrish NT. Refueled a genny too, but the other survivors have that job pretty much covered. Ironic, that I would be doing the same thing I do in Dulston in the middle of this gigantic struggle.

Speaking of said struggle, there are over 350 zombies laying siege to Giddings Mall, and as long as we can hold on to the Auto Repairs, we can at least keep the power on. Quite the battle though -- after the Bash sacked Fort Creedy, they headed up here thinking the rest of Pitneybank would just surrender. They were dead wrong. It's week three, and they can't even get into the damn Auto Repair. Hell, theres only 15 of us!

But really, we've got them outnumbered. There are over 1000 survivors in the Giddings area, some coming from as far as Dulston. The Dulston Alliance has got over a dozen guys down here on cade duty -- myself included. Regardless of numbers, if we can stop them here, it'll prove once and for all that survivors have the balls to take ANY zombie horde head on.


December 25th, 2007

It's Christmas day. We've made a lot of progress, and have retaken almost every building that had been ransacked by the Defective Swarm. The PDA arrived recently, and gave us enough of a moral boost to retake the Whitlock Building. We've just finished setting up Christmas decorations inside, in pure defiance of the zombies lurking just beyond the barricades.

We've been singing Christmas carols and are in good spirits. We even got to have Christmas dinner, thanks to a supply crate so kindly dropped by the military. Sure, it was just regular rations... but it was enough to give us a little hope. Hope for rescue... hope for seeing our families again... but mostly just hope for tomorrow.

December 14th, 2007

We have quite the mess in Dulston. A lot has been going on, and the Defective Swarm has gained a lot of ground. They have recently sacked Anne General Hospital, and ransacked most of northeast Dulston. We were planning a major offensive, but now the MoB just rolled in. They were down in Pescodside, but were balked by the PDA and turned north. Needless to say, we have bigger problems than the Swarm. Hopefully we can get the rest of the Dulston Alliance mobilized, and actually back in Dulston before this really gets out of hand.

Aside from the zombie problems, now we have to worry about snow. It started to snow... and hasn't stopped for over a week. Now Dulston needs the ELT more than ever, because if the power goes out, we're all going to freeze to death. We've tried to keep chipper, and have put up Christmas trees in just about every building we can get to safely. It's nice, but we still have to do something about the ever encroaching zombies. Although we could all just hole up in the Whitlock Building and ride this thing out. But thats just the backup plan. I hope.


November 8th, 2007

I've returned from Ridleybank. I would have liked to continue fighting, but I've heard rumors of some problems back home. Seems the Defective Swarm is back to it's old antics - ransacking empty buildings. With quite a few alliance members out and about malton, the home defense has been lacking. Really, the only thing that's been keeping the ferals in check was the Flustered Brethren. They're slightly outnumbered though and thats why I'm heading home - to give them a hand. Good men, all of them - and word has it they will be joining the Dulston Alliance soon. I'm very glad to hear that, hopefully we'll be working together in the future.

It's raining again... it seems every time i stop to write, it rains. It's not that nice, light rain, either... it's that muggy humid rain. It's starting to get cold too, I hope we can keep the supply of fuel steady. As if the zombies weren't enough to worry about - now we might freeze to death.

Early Morning, November 6th, 2007

It smells bad... smells like death. Dozens are dead - maybe even hundreds. Survivors and zombies litter the streets. I'm holed up in a hospital, just north of the Blackmore building. I'm surrounded by friends, and thats at least a minor comfort. We've reclaimed quite a few buildings, and have established a decent foothold into Ridleybank.

I've killed a total of 5 zombies now. Even helped retake one or two buildings, and although we haven't taken Blackmore yet, whats the point? Why concentrate our efforts on one building, while the zombies leave all the others ripe for the picking? If we continue to make our way east, and recapture each building as we come it it, what victory have the zombies achieved? Nothing. They pile themselves into the Blackmore building, thinking thats all we're here for. It's not a building that we came here for - it's an ideal. That we'll take the fight to them for once, show them our determination, and prove that we have what it takes to counter even the largest zombie infestation. It doesn't matter if we win or lose, for today - we fight and die survivors.

November 3rd, 2007

"Remember remember the 5th of November" - I'm heading to Ridleybank. Yeah, i know it's crazy, but i want to be part of something big. Don't get me wrong - keeping Dulston powered is important enough, but I need to shake up my routine. The last time survivors went, they were able to make a foothold and lasted about three weeks. My goal is for us to hold on for a month. We need to take the fight to these zombies for a change - no more hiding in our safe houses, no more congregating at the malls, we need to show the zombies that we aren't afraid of them.

I'm not going alone, either. Mr. NoName, who I've met in Dulston the other day, has decided to accompany me to Ridleybank. I know that there are a few members of the Dulston Alliance who will be going as well. It seems we will stand or fall together.

Early scouts have reported that the zombies are returning in full force to Ridleybank, to defend against the coming siege. It will be a test of stamina, not numbers, and in the next few days we shall see who has the greater determination - man, or monster.


October 28th, 2007

I've left Dulston recently. It's been quiet for a while, and with most of the zombies heading to the southwest, I'm taking this opportunity to do some reconnaissance in the neighboring suburbs.

To tell you the truth, they are in pretty bad shape. Power ratings are under the 30% mark, and many buildings are too heavily barricaded for anyone to enter. Pk'ers freely run about, with little effort to keep them in check. It really makes you appreciate the Dulston Alliance, and Dulston in general. I stopped in a fire station for the night. There are a few survivors in here, but two of them were badly wounded. I patched them both up the best i could, and spent last few hours trying to get some light on in this place. I've found several cans of fuel in the factory next door, but no generator. Hopefully tomorrow the others can help me look.

This journal has been used before. A few pages are dated several years ago, but they're all written in some kind of code. I've spent much of my free time trying to decipher it, but all I can understand so far are bits and pieces:

"They just started shooting without warning... we were so close... I could see the bus ahead... higher ups got onto a helicopter... the Chief of Staff, he looked right at me as they took off, and... the woods. We didn't make it far, Thompson was shot and... finally made it to Dulston, hiding in... Renald went south, said something about the sewer, and that those left were meeting... "

October 10th, 2007

It stopped raining for a while, but it's picking back up again. It's odd, Dulston hasn't been this quite for weeks... I'm literately just sitting outside and listening to the rain plink off of the roof. I'm not the only one either, a lot of other people are outside too. Hell, the DITPS up at Anne General even took down their cades for the day. It's nice to get some fresh air.

I ran some recon today, I've been marking it down on this clipboard i got from one of the hospitals. Not much zombie activity, but the Trood Building had a break in this morning. They're alright though, there weren't that many zombies. But it is out of fuel, so I'll have to head up there tomorrow. Speaking of which, I've had some luck finding fuel today, one whole can... great. Well, it's starting to get dark. I Better get inside before the cades go back up. I really hope there's more days like this in the future... it's nice being able to remember how things used to be.

October 9th, 2007

Found this old journal today in Nott Auto Repair, it was inside a drawer in the back room. I'll start to record some of my travels in here, providing i have the light and the time. Well, It's raining today. The lights still shine bright around Dulston, and i can only see a few zombies on the streets. There's a few of the ELT here too, and they're having a hard time finding any fuel.

Rumor has it that the Infected Swarm have returned to Dulston, but i have my doubts. All they ever do is spam the radios. Speaking of which, I overheard a few Military broadcasts in Anne General Hospital, but I'm not exactly sure if they can be received on portable radios yet. Seems to be a great source of information on whats going on outside of Dulston, as i haven't gone outside of the NE corner in a while. Well, thats about it for today. Hopefully I'll get a chance to write a little more tomorrow, providing that Nott Auto Repair stays lit. There's not much fuel left...