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Survivor NT Siege Strategy

This strategy is not geared toward stabilizing an area or retaking a suburb. It has a simple goal to maximum the length of a siege at a NT. There are only a few uses for this: fun and attempting to reset decay numbers. Blind combat revives, especially with empty caded buildings can cause some problems. Additionally, this strategy recognizes the only real weapon of survivors is cades, revives are a distant second.


  • A large survivor force consisting of a significant number of organized survivors.
  • Numerous generators and fuel cans (at a 1:1 ratio)
  • Lots of FAKs
  • Syringes
  • An established indoor revive point
  • Other equipment you may need

The number of survivors needed depends heavily on the size of the horde being faced and the ability of the survivors to coordinate. Unorganized survivors are basically meatshields, little should be expected of them, but they can still be a useful asset in large enough numbers. Organized survivors, those with a common command, can be further divided into coordinated and just organized. Coordinated survivors will be assigned specific times of availability and must be able to communicate real time. Organized survivors can be given specific orders on a forum, but cannot commit to certain availabilities. Organized survivors can be counted on to use their AP as directed, but not for clearing a breach.

You should have a minimum of a couple of generators and fuel for each day you hope to survive. They should be spread out between multiple users to avoid having the "generator guy" dead when one is needed. The only generators that count toward this goal are those in the inventory of survivors who can coordinate. Generators don't last long and should only be used for either timed searches are strikes.

Everyone should be able to keep themselves FAKed. Ideally a few organized (but not coordinated) survivors can be chosen to have an excessively large number of FAKs for healing following a breach. FAKs, like generators, may be basically a finite resource and should be used as though what a survivor carries is all he will have.

Syringes are an obvious need. Every survivor should be able to provide 2 AP cycles worth of revives without searching (10 syringes). Ideally, syringes will take all inventory not generators/fuel and FAKs. Survivors dedicated to revives will definitely an inventory full of syringes.

An indoor revive point promises an EP next door to NT and provides both an indoor and outdoor option if rotters clog the RP. Ideally, the RP will be an unimportant building with a non-building square where survivors can first move (avoiding the fall risk). It should be and stay ruined. It may be necessary to have a secondary RP, if the first is pinata'd.

Other equipment is just wasting space. Flak jackets could arguably be useful in certain situations. Both the gains and disadvantages of a Flak jacket are small.

For the organized survivors

What you need to be able to do

  • Watch cades nearly constantly
  • Provide revives at a constant flow
  • Following a breach, switch from constant checking to an organized strike

Watching cades

  • should be divided between trusted active users (ideally with paid accounts)
  • as close to continuous as possible
  • ignore all non-cade related activity
  • only cade to HB
  • during live combat, cade and FAK yourself only
  • if available for a organized strike, take part

These will be your IRC lurkers. Survivors who can log-on multiple times a day, through-out the day to check the cades and keep them from falling. They probably won't stop coordinated zombies, but they can keep ferals and lone zombies at bay. They need to be able to get the cades back to VSB and notify other survivors of the breach immediately. They should attempt to save AP as much as possible. Logically, they should expand as much AP as necessary to clear a large breach, but they should ignore the zombies of a small breach.

Providing Revives

  • Prioritize coordinated survivors, add them to contact list beforehand
  • consider suicide revives if it will benefit a organized strike
  • if available for a organized strike, take part

Both coordinated and organized survivors may be used for providing revives. They will also be responsible for controlling small breaches. If possible they should check IRC but definitely a forum where they can be given general orders. Coordinated survivors should only use AP for clearing a breach. Organized survivors should be tasked with keeping the RP clear if the NT is clear and cades are EHB. Cades take priority over revives unless zombie numbers make cading too ineffective.

Following a breach

  • Survivors should be organized in significant numbers to revive all or most zombies and ensure higher than vsb cades
  • some survivors should be specifically assigned to save AP for the inevitable breach
  • organized strike times should be established beforehand at a minimum of 12 hour intervals
  1. Drop and fuel generator
  2. combat revive
  3. cade
  4. dump

These survivors should be available on IRC during a specific time on a daily basis. Group strikes should be set on a minimum of 12 hour intervals. These groups should twice a day make sure the NT is cleared and caded. These survivors should utilize vampire tactics is applicable and should save AP to insure 5 revives during the strike. A few survivors should wait for the others before acting. These survivors may use AP 9-2 to cade before making the final revive or may be able to save AP for later use.

For the unorganized survivors

There is little reason to spend too much time worried about the unorganized survivors. Some will make smart use of AP, some will waste it. All you can do is give them guidance on what is need and keep in-game communication informative. They will provide some revives although, they should not be expected to handle all revives needs. When all is said and done, unorganized random survivors may make the difference between success and failure on any given breach, but you should not count on anything other than meatshields.

If cades are up

  1. dump bodies
  2. check the cades/generator, cade to EHB
  3. provide FAKs
  4. combat revive (inside only)
  5. provide revives

If cades are down

  • with low numbers of zombies, cade or combat revive (make sure there is a generator, if there isn't place and fuel one)
  • with large numbers of zombies, provide FAKs or provide revives

Other aspects


  • IRC for cades and strikes
  • forum for revives and orders
  • wiki for general "orders"
  • in-game for motivation and communication with unorganized survivors

IRC is a key resource for a siege. It allows communication of cade levels, breaches, planning of strikes, all in real time with no AP cost. There should ideally be two IRC channels: one for public, including zombie use, and one, password protected, for known survivors. Leaders or their representatives should be available as much as possible, although certainly one should be at each strike time. This can be used be to recruit unorganized survivors into organized or even coordinated survivors.

A common forum must be available that all organized survivors can directly access. A public revive thread should be provided. Additionally, a private board for specific information should be available. This is for discussion of upcoming strikes, whether revives are heavily needed or if there is time to spend AP searching for syringes. The board should be updated frequently even if little has changed but attempt to avoid very short-term information such as cade levels.

The wiki can be used to provide information to unorganized survivors. Let them know what you need from them, what they should have, what they expect. However, it's primary importance is to publicize the event. This should be finished in advanced of the event.

Survivors are a fickle lot. The leadership needs to stay active and stay vocal in-game. Keep everyone on task as to what the most pressing needs are. When/if the RP is clear let everyone know. If the cades keep dropping every few minutes say so. However, remember to encourage and congratulate everyone after a breach is cleared or the cades stay up for a while. The leadership is probably going to die often, once the zombies identify them. That is just part of the job, get a revive and get back to dying.


If you reached this point, things are going well. Syringes can be found when AP is high and there is little productive to do with it. Generators, fuel, FAKs will all require travel. If you are reclaiming a building for the searching, but sure to send a group to make the effort worthwhile. If you are traveling to already repaired and safe location, try to limit missing survivors to just a few at a time. The goal should be to restock as close to the original inventory as reasonably possible.

PKers, death cultists, etc.

There is only one thing that either of these can do that matters: GK. This is why you don't use them until they are immediately needed. As previously stated, your only real weapon is cades. Neither of this is more of threat to cades than zombies. If death cultist are identified, give them a FAK. Other than that, just let them kill, parachute, or whatever; unless it's a major force, they are going to accomplish little.