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LadyAG was a member of the Alpha Gamma sorority, but now is a hard-working member of a revive clinic (30,30).

TechCom.jpg TechCom Employee
This User is employeed by TechCom and actively works to profitably stabilize Malton's economy!
TechCom is hiring, please join us!


  1. JustinMullins (UD Profile) - Chief Executive Officer for TechCom
  2. LadyAG (UD Profile) - Chief Research and Development Project Manager
  3. Buddy7 (UD Profile) - VP of Projects
  4. kating (UD Profile) - VP of Security
  5. Buster Poindexter (UD Profile) - VP of Recruiting
  6. AbrahamLincolnClone (UD Profile) - VP of Communication (i.e. Tagging)
  7. R Cameron Corbett (UD Profile) - VP of Missions
  8. Dale Larson (UD Profile) - VP of Marketing
  9. Zeroi (UD Profile) , VP of Secure Communications for TechCom, Inc.

Click on a "UD Profile" to add that employee to your Contact List. Remember, every TechCom employee should find a cell phone at a Club!

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