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Current Level: 41
Radio Frequency claimed: 28.32
Favorite equipment: Axe
Character profile: Larrybob
Current status: Life Impaired
Times I've Killed Tim Five
Christmas Trees Taken Down Zero
Purpose: Destroying Trees
Contact me here.

Other Players:

|El Pwnzorro (Currently Human) | |Larrybob2 (Borehamwood Zombie)

A bit about me

Larrybob entered Malton in late 2005. After fighting the hordes in Stanbury Village and Roftwood, these suburbs fell, and Larrybob fell with them. So devastating was the blow to his morale that he lay dead on the streets for two and a half years, before reawakening.

He reawoke to a city in a stalemate between zombies who have gained many skills, and humans who have gained knowledge of new tools. He briefly stopped participating in zombie-human war and instead broadcast stupid jokes across Malton over the radio on 28.32

He briefly became obsessed with hunting and killing his friend Tim. However, after some time, this grew old, Tim leveled up too much to be an easy target. Thus, he moved on to his Current Enterprise:

Current Enterprises

Larrybob is currently hunting down all the Christmas Trees in Malton. This strikes at Tim's heart, as Tim is a lover of Christmas.

If you know of any trees in Malton, let me know in my talk page. I'll add you to my green-list of priority revives if I happen to come across you with a syringe.

Contact me at my talk page.

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