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>You are in a nearly abandoned NecroTech building. The only other being

>here is a scientist. He's doing something at a computer in a laboratory


>>>talk to scientist

>You greet the scientist, but he doesn't respond. You tap his shoulder,

>and he jumps a little in surprise.

>"Gah! Sorry, I tend to get a little absorbed in my work," he explains.

>"That's ok. I just wanted to know who you were," you reply.

>"Oh, is that why you're here? Well, could you help build up the 'cades

>while I talk?"

>>>barricade building

>"Thanks, I need all the help I can get. I'm just a scientist, trying to

>rebuild NT buildings across Malton."


I ally myself with Delta Kilo One Three (DK13). I am fighting my way back to the KG50.

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