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Starting Occupation: Mercenary, Peacekeeper
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department
Goals: Stay breathing, outlast the plague
Username: Leit
More details: Urban Dead profile

Current status

  • Living
  • Full health
  • Uninfected
  • Mobile
  • Locked and loaded

Current activities

  • Supporting Dunell Hills PD
  • Searching for ammunition
  • Occasional broadcasts on Radio Free DHPD

Preferred weapon

  • Flare gun. Is it me or do they hit more often nowadays?


  • Guns that hold more than 6 rounds
  • The artistic spray of flame and zombie limbs as the flare hits


  • PKers

Current location

  • Dunell Hills

Next destination

  • Unknown, possibly Caiger

Favourite area thus far

  • West Grayside

Least favourite area thus far

  • Owlsleybank
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