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City of

Created at 2005, July 3rd
Closed Registration no
Closed at still open
Size 100x100
Number of Suburbs 100

(14:43, 18 January 2009 (UTC))
Registered Players 1451641
Active Players Survivors: 13418

Zombies: 7724

Number of Buildings
Malls 20
NT Buildings 100
Forts 2
Large Buildings1

1: excluding malls and forts

Malton is the fictional city within which Urban Dead is set. A large area of it has been quarantined after a zombie outbreak.

Malton has a distinctly mid-Atlantic feel; malls seem to be US-style, containing "Liquor Stores," "Drugstores," and "Gun Stores," and police stations go by the American name "police departments", but the pubs have distinctly British names along the lines of "The X Arms." The one hundred suburbs have names from various sources. As the outbreak situation is updated, individual suburbs can range from safe(green) to very dangerous(red).

A general consensus on the unofficial forums, along with some confirmation early in the game's history from Kevan regarding time zones, is that although Malton is US style in layout, it is actually located in England. An alternate theory proposes that Malton is located in English speaking Africa, which would account for the timezone and also for the mix of traditional English businesses alongside gun stores and museums with African art. One problem with believing that Malton is in Africa, is that it snowed on December 10th in Malton. It would be very unlikley that it would snow any place in Africa, unless on top of a high mountain peak.

Two towns named Malton actually exist, one a medium sized town in Yorkshire, England, and one in Ontario, Canada. It is not known if the existence of these has anything to do with the naming of Malton itself. Other possible references to places in Ontario include Richmond Hills, and Buttonville.