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A former computer technicion, mBread has a very keen mind for problem-solving. This is evident from his appearence by the constant problem he keeps round his neck in the form of a neck tie with a year-old twisted & tangled knot, sealed with dry blood.

When (un)dead, he appears as a half-mad, gibbering, standard-issue zombie, with the consistancy of mouldy bread. And the smell to go with it.


In early childhood, he lived with his family in Ridleybank, often venturing into the much more pleasant Barrville and Stanbury Village. While he was still very young, he moved with his family to Shearbank, where his parents became proprietors of a restaurant in Stickling Mall.

All but a few of his childhood memories come from living and playing in the area around the mall. The only memories from prior to living in Shearbank are a brief recollection of much travelling, and an experience watching staff in St. Luke's Hospital in Ridleybank. It is probably this memory of the hospital that inspired his teenage craze with medical work, which lasted until he got a job as a computer technicion, working in one of the other of his areas of interest.

The Outbreak

When the zombie outbreak began, his parents and his fiancée Ashleigh disappeared. It is likely that they either became victims of the large zombie uprising in Ridleybank, or fled the city and are now separated from him by the quarantine.

To help with this emergency - both city-wide, and his own personal loss - he returned to his teenage craze and started practicing first aid at Lazarus General Hospital in Shearbank. He did his best to heal anyone around who was injured, despite not having much medical training. He was determined to make as good an effort as he could, and many people commented on his endless energy for helping people, despite usually not feeling cheerful.

Much later, as his skills increased and his panic subsided, he realised that he could be of greater use if he worked together with others. He asked around Shearbank to find if any such groups existed there, but had no joy. There was evidence and stories of groups having had been formed, but none seemed to be doing anythign actively. In search of a group of survivors to join and maximise the amount of help he could give, he headed south. He came across the ROACH Klips in Roachtown.

He contacted them, and some lower members of the group welcomed him, and suggested some ways he could help, but he wasn't officially accepted into the group for quite some time. He spent a while still practicing first aid, out of Cyril General Hospital, then proceeded to find syringes and help out reviving zombies at Bateson Street.

Eventually, after the leaders of the group disappeared, he was involved in the "out of the ashes" re-organisation of the ROACH Klips and involves himself greatly in the discussions of the group. He now still practices first aid, is involved with the revive point at Bateson Street, and tries to help upkeep the Roachtown Barricading Policy.

Ultimate goal

His ultimate goal is to locate his family and fiancée - either to help them if they are still in the city, or to find them and re-join their lives if they are not. He accepts that if they did escape the city they may well have assumed him dead and have moved on, or if they are still in the city they may be in a bad state and not remember him. However he wants to find out what happened to them whatever. In the mean time, he will do his best to make a positive impact on the city whatever happens, constantly thinking of his belovéd family, and the wonderful life he had with them - "a life worth living is a life worth dying for (especially if there's a revive point around!)"

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