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Miss Balalaika


Remind me never to try editing a wiki page when extremely sleepy! The result? A half baked wiki page! Arrgghh!!! *cries*

Miss Balalaika
Level: 43
Group: Order of the Black Rose
Role: Survivor; Gunslinger/Demolition Gal/Recruit Officer


Character Level Class Group Description Templates
Miss Balalaika Level 43 Civilian Order of the Black Rose My main character. A Vozdushno-Desantnye Vojska Kapitan.
Black rose.jpg OBR Ally
This user or group is allied with the Order of the Black Rose and benefits from an overflowing amount of awesome.
SilentSam Level 43 Civilian Bainton Hotel Residents A young lecher with insufferable ego, you would hate to be around him if you are a woman. Then again, his compassion is also greater than most people.
DocDemedici Level 20 Scientist None The doctor who aspires to join the Malton College of Medicine. Not really developed as a character,yet. (In terms of RP purposes)
Rigor Mortix Level 42 Zombie/Civilian None Meet my dual natured character. But she would not attack people she recognizes as her friends.
Typical Trenchcoater Level 2 Civilian Trenchcoat United A typical trenchcoat, with the typical attitude and description. Might evolve into something much more manageable, though you cannot expect him to change his trenchiness.
Hansel Gretel Level 3 Civilian 1st OBR/404 Contest A white haired girl with cute, sharpish cuspids, and long white hair. Had a slight very serious personality disorder.
Lyza Middleton Level 1 Scout/Military
Lydia Wyndham Level 1 Zombie/Civilian I was bored, and so, I decided to create a persona which is easy to develop, and won't take too much of my time. Zombies are easy to develop, IMO, so that's why I created this character.
Valentina Diaz Level 1 Zombie/Civilian With the advance of sooo many zombies...well, why not add another one?
Charlotte Jessicah Level 1 Civilian Living as two new zombies is soooo slooow and boring, so here she goes!


Templates Comments
Cmslogo1.jpg Caiger Mall Survivor
This user or group assisted in defending Caiger Mall on one or more occasions.
I once helped defend the mall, and one trenchy killed me as thanks. No more mall defending for me!!
Handinhanddp1.png Pay It Forward
This User Pays It Forward.
One good deed deserves another! :D
Ubpicon1.gif UBP Supporter
This User supports the Uniform Barricading Policy.
Anyone found overbarricading will be executed!! >: (
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
Miss Balalaika supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
Cemeteries are NOT shooting grounds.
Swithun.PNG Religious Respect Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Religious Respect Policy
Everyone should be allowed to worship according to their own religions! Even zambahs may pray to Lolth!
Syringe crosshairs sml.jpg Fertilize the Land Policy
Miss Balalaika believes in regaining NT buildings at any cost!
Don't want to get CR'ed? Jump off the window, people!! *points to the windows upstairs*
About Me

Handinhanddp1.png Pay It Forward
This User Pays It Forward.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
Gargoyle.jpg Profane Existence Policy
This user supports the PEP.
Ubpicon1.gif UBP Supporter
This User supports the Uniform Barricading Policy.
Strategies and Tactics
RiverlogoS.gif Supporter of River Tactics
I flow into the void.
UwarS.GIF Supporter of Urban Warfare Doctrine
I fight block by block
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