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Mo P. is an Academic Librarian who was sent to Malton as part of his duties with the Territorial Army to bring order to the quarantined city in early December 2005. Shortly after his arrival his squad was overwhelmed by zeds in the suburb of Williamsville. Much of his early time in Malton was spent fleeing the zeds. He moved to Kempsterbank, Galbraith Hills and eventually ended up in South Blythville. During the siege of Marven Mall Mo worjed in conjunction with with a small group of survivors conducting hit-and-run attacks on zeds around the mall. While going solo on one such raid Mo fell at the hands of the ever-growing hordes. Since his revivification, Mo has sought to assist in the counterattack on the Marven Mall. Rumors have begun to circulate that Mo is part of the group Toltec Dawn though there is no confirmation of this.

Mo is recognizable as a thirtysomething man wearing shorts, a New Zealand All Blacks Rugby, and wearing a green baseball cap. He carries a Webley Mk VI he found in the Malton War Museum.

He counts Johnny Toltec and Martin Flowers amongst his comrades.

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