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Sgt Hoss Delgado
Starting Occupation: Military Private, assigned to Broadbelt Grove PD
Group Membership: Dunell Hills Police Department
Goals: To Serve & Protect
Username: Mobius187
More details: Urban Dead profile

Survivor Status

Arrived in the City: January 18th, 2006
Currently Wielding: 8 Pistols, 2 Shotguns, 1 Fire Axe.
Status: Retired.
Location: Broadbelt Grove PD, Firing Range.

Recent History

Sgt.Hoss Delgado was part of a platoon airlifted into Malton during a new initiative to fortify positions in Dulston, which had until recent weeks been relatively secure. So much so that NecroTech had sent several of its leading scientists to the suburb in hopes of further research into a cure. When zombies, loosely associated with Mall Tour '06, flooded the area NecroTech used its political muscle to have the military take action.

Unfortunately the night that Sgt.Hoss was deployed their squad's helicopter came under small arms fire shortly after entering Malton's airspace. While reports remain sketchy as to why someone would open fire on them the result was that the helicopter crashed in Crooketon. Observers, upon seeing the burning wreckage and large numbers of swarming zombies, were forced to consider all survivors as KIA as they were ordered to continue their assigned mission.

Of those from the crash only Sgt.Hoss survived. Wounded, he made his way north while only briefly engaging zombies he encountered. Realizing that Crooketon was overrun he searched until he was able to find temporary secured shelter at St. Matheos's Hospital. Then as soon as he was rested he head northwest into Grigg Heights. The situation here was at least better than Crooketon, but not by much.

With zombies brazenly wandering the streets unchecked Sgt.Hoss initially attempted to enter Blaxall Way PD only to find their doors closed to him. Fortunately Lees Boulevard PD, while barricaded, did allow him entry. Inside a motley crew of a dozen survivors shared reconnaissance on the growing zombie problem. Some speculated that trouble was brewing and the zombie mobs from nearby Crooketon or maybe even Reganbank were moving against them.

In the following 2 days Sgt.Hoss had managed to garner a few supplies before the zombies came. Wandering in from the south over a dozen zombies sieged Blaxall Way PD. Then, almost by happenstance, he noticed that one of the survivors at the station was behaving oddly. On closer inspection Sgt.Hoss identified that the so-called survivor served Da Shamblin' WAAAGH, but before the potential zombie spy could confronted he was gone. This didn't sit well with the sergeant and in his gut he knew the station had just been targeted. Raising the alarm, he informed the remaining survivors of the imminent threat before departing to continue his trek northwards. His hopes lay in reaching Dunell Hills and joining up with the survivors gathering there. More than once over the past week he had heard mention of the Dunell Hills Police Department and their role in protecting the suburb from zombies.

After a brief stay-over in Owsleybank that went without incident, Sgt.Hoss proceeded to enter the southern outskirts of Dunell Hills. Tired and injured he stayed at Lucius General Hospital. It wasn't long before he was patched up and went on his way and while he had no more ammo to his name then when he arrived he did have 2 first aid kits at least. From there the sergeant arrived at his final destination, Broadbelt Grove PD. Able to search for ammunition over the following days he did his best to contribute to the overall protection the DHPD provided to the community of survivors.

When approached to join the DHPD though Sgt.Hoss initially turned the offer away. He felt that he still didn't have the training or firepower necessary to contribute to the defense of Dunell Hills. Not yet. Of course several more days of recon and with several zombie kills under his belt he felt it was about time he joined up.

Then tragedy struck. While sleeping in Broadbelt Grove PD after a long night of recon Sgt.Hoss was assassinated. The culprit? A man going by the name of Maxwell Hammer. Thirteen bullets later the deed was done and Sgt.Hoss awoke to find himself among the shambling dead. Fortunately his fevered brain vaguely recalled coming across a revive point in West Becktown while on recon. The revive point was a lone cemetery just a block north of Cottam Way PD. Feeling like he had nothing else to lose but his lunch, the undead soldier made his way there and waited among the tombstones. It wasn't long before he was revived, but several hours passed before he had the strength to get up and return to Broadbelt Grove PD. Sgt.Hoss was not surprised to find that Maxwell Hammer had long since departed the scene.

It was just 3 days later that, after having acquired the last firearm skills he needed, Sgt.Hoss filled out the required forms to join the DHPD. As such, he is currently assisting the Broadbelt Grove Precinct to protect the surrounding blocks from zombies and punish all convicts he encounters.

Standard Routine

1. Recovery of ammunition and firearms.
2. Casual security checks on all recent newcomers to the precinct.
3. Confirmation of any/all recon involving reported local zombie incursions.

1. Armed defense of all buildings within a 3x3 block grid that are under zombie threat.
2. Reconnaissance excursions with a 10x5 block search pattern, usually to either the south or east.

Patrol Log

March 7th, 2006 (9:42 PM): We received reports at Broadbelt Grove PD that zombies had overrun Yea Drive PD. Not sure what to make of the claims I decided to investigate. On arriving I learned there were indeed zombies inside the precinct, 34 to be exact, and very few survivors. I proceeded to gun down one of the walking dead and seriously injured another before I had to retreat due to fatigue. My last actions were to dump all the potential zombie corpses outside and re-barricade them back to Very Strongly in hopes of containing the less experienced zombies in the mob. On returning to Broadbelt Grove PD I warned everyone of the situation.

February 10th, 2006 (6:00 PM): I've been a bit tardy with filling out reports. All this paperwork is a pain anyways. As such, I'll summarize the last week or so as shot some zombies, but didn't bag any. That is, not until today. After spending 2 days hunting around for ammo I had finally reloaded every firearm I was packing. I headed out on patrol and found 4 zombies standing suspiciously around Penny Crescent (5,38), which is adjacent to both Brendan General Hospital and Lucius General Hospital. Checking to make sure the street was marked as a revive point I proceeded to lay down the law. After bagging 3 of the zombies I headed back to the precinct. It a good feeling when you can help keep the streets clean.

January 31st, 2006 (5:32 PM): A survivor arrived at the precinct reporting that several zombies had broken into Bush Crescent Fire Station (8,39). Taking what little ammunition I had left I headed out to recon the situation and render what aid I could. Arriving at the scene I found 4 corpses already on the floor, which I disposed of, and 5 zombies rampaging inside among a mere handful of survivors. I figured this could be considered a classic case of home invasion before recalling I wasn't so much a police officer as I was a soldier and these weren't so much perps as they were zombies. Now in the right frame of mind I proceeded to fire at the zombies intent on doing as much damage as possible. I managed to seriously injure one of them (20 HP) before running out of ammunition. Deciding that the better part of valor involved me returning to the station I departed the fire station. I managed to finally reach the precinct around 7:25 PM, delayed due to fatigue. I haven't been getting much sleeping lately, so I figure I could do with some down time. I'll let the other rookies deal with this one.

January 31st, 2006 (1:04 PM): Minor disturbance reported at St. Mary's Church (8,37) to the southeast. While still low on ammunition from my last altercation with the walking dead I noted that the zombie had been reported as "heavily injured". Figuring that it was better to deal with the problem now than let is fester, as zombie problems often do, I headed out to investigate. Sure enough, a lone zombie suffering multiple gunshot wounds (10 HP) was standing outside the church. With no flak jacket the matter was resolved in mere seconds. Returning to the precinct I filed a report with the Desk Sergeant.

January 30th, 2006 (12:37 PM): While I was down at the Broadbelt Grove PD firing range a survivor arrived and reported that 2 zombies had broken into Brendan General Hospital (4,38), just 3 blocks southwest of the precinct. The survivor detailed how he had managed to restore the hospital's barricades to Very Strongly and subdued one of the zombies. While the report had taken a while to filter down to where I was at the time I decided it was best to confirm the recon. Arriving at the scene I found there was a lone zombie inside the hospital along with several survivors. I proceeded to unload a shotgun and 2 handguns worth of ammunition into it until the zombie finally succumbed to the barrage. If not for its flak jacket the matter would have been resolved a lot sooner, but the end result was predictable. When it was all over I couldn't help but shake my head. The zombie should have known better than to enter Dunell Hills. I dumped its corpse outside with the rest of the refuse and returned to Broadbelt Grove PD to submit my incident report.

Known Affiliates

Sgt.Hoss Delgado fully supports any survivors seeking assistance upon arriving in Malton, especially those from his squad which hails from the No More Room in Hell forums. No More Room in Hell would best be defined as a "zombie awareness and training" program that is based on Valve's Source engine. Being from the mod team, the sergeant does his best to recruit further assistance to the survivor cause in both Dunell Hills and Dulston.

Further information can be found here: Official Urban Dead forum thread

Sgt.Hoss Delgado is also associated with noted NecroTech scientist, Caleb Usher, although the two have never met. As the good sergeant retired in mid-February 2006, still in his prime, that day will surely never come, and yet Caleb tips his hat to this brave soul who fought hard on the far side of Malton.

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