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My characters

(Haven't played in a really, really long time, but just came back into action)


Large, dirty, brainrotted zombie. Likes to hang around with fellow zombies, but has had trouble finding them.

Gone rogue after separating from the Minions of the Apocalypse. Had decided to find a NT building to ransack and call home. Spent some time wreaking havoc, specially since the addition of ransack/ruin mechanics.

Found his old M!N!ANZ friends, but got separated again. The town still seems so deserted...

Currently, roaming around the NW of Malton aimlessly.

John Wheelson

Lone human, was based near Fort Creedy.

His goal was to help clean Fort Creedy of zombies, then build his own radio station. All went to shit, however. Creedy was overrun. The entire neighbourhood was overrun. Saw some rev points with 15+ zombies, and not a single revivifying body. Tryed to warn fellow zombies to look for comfort somewhere else, but was largely ignored.

Spent time as a Zombie in need of revival. Can't even remember where his radio station was. Probably near Fort Creedy. After being revived, found a small group of people in Kinch Heights to hang around.

Is currently helping ward off invasion at the Pole Mall.

Shawn Grey

Lone human, low-level, roaming around the city.

After having awoken from a very long dirt-nap, is trying to make up for lost time. Found a fairly safe neighbourhood to live in for a while, but might jump after action after some time.

Roamed around Gatcombeton, around Calvert Mall. Malls have many useful supplies, but unfortunately Shawn wasn't very good at finding them...

Currently in need of revival, around Dakerstown.


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