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Yesterday, I came across a young human dying in the streets. His legs and right arm had been torn off by ferals and Resistance members, and he was holding a towel against his stomach to stem the bleeding.

As I came up to him, he started crying. I asked him why he was he crying, and he told me that he was crying because he realized that he nothing more to give to the RRF.

Nothing more to give.

As I rolled his broken body off a bridge in Stanbury Village, I thought more about his final words.

How often do we go about our day without giving to others?

Can we not learn from this courageous young man, and make it a point in our lives to give back to our perfect, zombie community?

So humans, take a hard look at your meaningless lives, and ask yourself, "What have I done recently for my local zombie horde? Have I given everything I could possible give?"

It is only by helping others that we are able to help ourselves.

-Speaker for the Undead