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Currently I'm a level 42 Rotter in the Feral Undead.


I kill with my teeth and claws like any normal zombie. I especially enjoy finishing my prey off with a bite attack. However, I also carry a baseball bat which has claimed thirty-two victims so far. It's a poor weapon, but I use it occasionally if only to humiliate survivors.

I take great pleasure in smashing decorations and other little pieces of art. Below is a record of all the decorations I have personally destroyed.

My name (and character description) is a direct reference to "Mordac the Preventer of Information Services," a minor recurring character from "Dilbert" who shows up every so often to torment unfortunate employees. His job is to deny any request for a computer upgrade or replacement, as well as to seize and destroy all non-conforming equipment. Employee misconduct is punished harshly. For example, exceeding the server storage limit is punishable by one week without email.

1/27/08: I got a suggestion into the Peer Review section at last!


Smashed Decorations Record

Updated: 12/11/09

6 Abstract Paintings

3 African Paintings

2 African Sculptures

1 Bird Skeleton

1 Blown-glass Sculpture

13 Christmas Light Sets

9 Conceptual Paintings

1 Conceptual Sculpture

1 Contemporary Painting

3 Cracked Sculptures

2 Cremation Urns

1 Cubist Painting

4 Cubist Sculptures

1 Dark Tapestry

18 European Paintings

2 European Sculptures

6 Fire Damaged Paintings

1 Fish Skeleton

1 French Tapestry

1 Glass Bowl

2 Glass Globes

3 Glass Statues

2 Glass Tables

3 Grecian Urns

1 Glass Vase

1 Greek Tapestry

1 Historical Tapestry

2 Lizard Skeletons

1 Medieval Tapestry

2 Ming Vases

4 Plastic Christmas Trees

1 Print of Tapestry

8 Skulls

1 Stuffed Alligator

2 Stuffed Bears

1 Stuffed Crocodile

1 Stuffed Eagle

1 Stuffed Fish

4 Stuffed Monkeys

2 Stuffed Moose Heads

2 Stuffed Tiger Heads

3 Terracotta Statues (+1)

2 Terracotta Vases

4 Torn Paintings