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A Necrotech scientist, caught behind the lines.

When the Zombies came, Panic took hold of Necromia, and he hid in a storage cupboard - and so he missed the evacuation. Now, he drifts around the town, occasionally spending time at the hospitals he passes, helping the injured. Necromia's current tactic when trouble arises is: Run and hide, preferable behind something solid, and a lot of other people with guns and axes. Having been dead a few times now, though, Necromia's mind is starting to slip (at least, it is starting to slip more.

Secretly, in his darkest moments (usually just after being revived), Necromia worries that he may get to enjoy being a zombie, and one day he may die and not want to get revived (or remember how) - but for now he is determined to find a way out of this hellhole (or at least live long enough for someone to rescue him)