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location74=[[Club Basson | Club Bresson]]|location74_color=Club|
location74=[[Club Basson | Club Bresson]]|location74_color=Club|
location75=[[Thresh Grove School]]|location75_color=School|
location75=[[Thresh Grove School]]|location75_color=School|
location76=[[Yagoton_Churches#St._Swithun.27s_Church|St. Swithun's Church]] - RP|location76_color=Church|
location76=[[St. Swithun's Church]] - RP|location76_color=Church|
location77=[[Beckley Walk]]|location77_color=Street|
location77=[[Beckley Walk]]|location77_color=Street|
location78=[[Tinkler Street]]|location78_color=Street|
location78=[[Tinkler Street]]|location78_color=Street|

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Banana Gang-Bang! --Normal PhobicC 15:30, 15 December 2007 (UTC) --Normal PhobicC 19:09, 15 December 2007 (UTC)


If I chose to revert back to my default settings...

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New Bahgdad

The Suburb of New Baghdad
Cyberbob Cafe burning oil field mobile chemical lab Clobber Police Department the Naisbitt Building Clewett Alley Police Department Spicer Row Police Department the Beale Building Leeson Alley National Theater of Iraq
Howell Library Antoine Simpson Towers Lovel Way the Perryn Building Cullen Way WMD Storehouse Bellot Street Mogridge Drive Hamerton Road Sindbad Hotel Complex and Conference Center
Purt Avenue DORIS Embassy Building Muncey Street Beach Walk the Turvill Building Neal Stonebrook Fire Station Baghdad General Hospital the Much Arms Mosque of Pluto Mass Grave of Infidels
Townsend Bank Sonny Corleone Towers WMD Storehouse Sirens Psychiatric Hospital burning oil field Qusay Towers Saddam’s Car Warehouse #1 mobile chemical lab Nott Auto Repair burning oil field
burning oil field the Pepperell Museum Gage Avenue Silley Plaza Uday Towers Palestine Hotel the Holdway Museum Midelton Crescent Police Department Clerck Walk Byers Walk
Club Empress Gibb Plaza Railway Station WMD Research Facility A Statue of Saddam Xoid Arms WMD Testing Site WMD Testing Site burning oil field Newnam Avenue burning oil field
The Spad Museum mobile chemical lab Bruorton Drive Heddington Walk Railway Station Thornhill Alley WMD Testing Site WMD Testing Site Oatley Bank Rayfield Lane the Gatehouse Building
Fleming Library Saddam’s Car Warehouse #2 Radwaniyah Palace Radwaniyah Palace Firdos Square Firdos Square Saddam’s Car Warehouse #3 a bombed asprin factory Hinge Drive the Pilton Building
Club Dowell Ray Alley Radwaniyah Palace Radwaniyah Palace Firdos Square Firdos Square the Slade Arms Hagger Way Blaise General Hospital A Statue of Saddam
Club Garrett Hoskyns Alley National Museum of Iraq Pegrum Place Police Department Muirhead Avenue Railway Station National Library of Iraq Sheraton Ishtar Maud Walk Roadnight Towers Stembridge Crescent Fire Station

The Suburb of New Yagoton
The International Museum of Photography Times Square St. Spyridon's Church Pker Haven Pker Haven Museum of Modern Art Canon Servicing Factory Dorrington Road Railway Station a factory
St. Celestine's Church Club Botting the Surridge Building Orders Street a junkyard Bolwell Walk The Daily Spotlight Printing Press the Beckey Arms Moorhouse Place Police Department Palestin Hotel II
Robert Cappa's grave Harkness Street - RP the Style Building A Camera Store A Film Processing Lab A Supermarket Bergman Square Willmington Towers Purcell Avenue Milnerr Crescent School
Deverell Walk a warehouse Birfutt Walk Wallen Alley a carpark Shippard Walk Workman Towers Hockey Way Wilmington Cinema a junkyard
the Hampton Arms Hambridge Alley School Cator Drive Hume Walk wasteland a warehouse Tazewell Walk Childs Park Pantling Towers St. Alexander's Church
Pittey Towers Club Dallimore Peterken Grove the Garnsey Building Hinks Crescent Police Department a warehouse Goodfellow Way Garner Row a warehouse Creeber Drive
Club Taviner Catherine General Hospital Collins Avenue Pippen Auto Repair Littlehales Road the Whatmore Building the Garrett Building Edgerton Cinema the Toller Monument Newbould Place Police Department
Fray Alley the Sambone Monument Holsgrove Row Police Department Club Bresson Thresh Grove School St. Swithun's Church - RP Beckley Walk Tinkler Street St. Hugh's Church Rounsefell Library
Goodfellow Boulevard Faber Lane Fire Station St. Godric's Church a cemetery a warehouse a cemetery Baillie Walk Club McClean Gatchell Alley the Serrell Building - RP
the Rostron Monument Tyson Auto Repair Club Nanning the Godolphin Building Caseley Cinema a junkyard Hanlon Square the Humpfries Arms Sliney Row the Tincknell Building


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Old Siggy:

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