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Name: Kevan<br>
Name: Kevan<br>
Age: 30<br>
Age: 39<br>
Hometown: [[Ridleybank]]<br>
Hometown: [[Ridleybank]]<br>
Current Residence: [[Dulston]]<br>
Current Residence: [[Dulston]]<br>

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Name: Kevan
Age: 39
Hometown: Ridleybank
Current Residence: Dulston
Pre-outbreak Occupation: Police Officer
Current Status: A lead member of Dead vs Blue

Other Notes:
Co-creator of Dead vs Blue.
Creator of the Dulston Alliance.

DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance (Allied)
Officer Murphy is a staunch supporter of the Dulston Alliance.

Blackmore Bastard Brigade.JPG Blackmore Bastard
This user or group proudly wears the badge of the Blackmore Bastard Brigade.

8/18/06 - 10/13/06, 11/5/06 -

DA3rdAnniversary.png Dulston Alliance – 3rd Anniversary

Officer Murphy of Dead vs Blue was there at the Burch' when the Dulston Alliance celebrated 3 years of greatness protecting the northeast from criminals and zombie scourges alike. Officer Murphy wishes the Alliance another year of glory!

ZHS-Top10.png Zombie Hunting Season – Top 10

Officer Murphy competed in Zombie Hunting Season 2009 and was ranked in 3rd place by the end of the competition. As one of the "Top 10" zombie hunters in the northeast, Officer Murphy managed to kill 11 zombies, assisted in killing 4 more zombies, and even had time to recapture 15 safehouses.

Trophy-Zombie-Slayer.png Zombie Hunting Season 2009

Officer Murphy is a hunter who competed in Zombie Hunting Season 2009. It was a glorious time filled with awesome people who did amazing things. Most of those amazing things involved filling twitching zombie corpses with blazin' hot lead shot from a variety of firearms. Good times... good times.

Trophy-Liberator.png Zombie Hunting Season – Liberator

"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." -Bertrand Russell

Officer Murphy, a zombie hunter recognized for showing unswerving dedication to reclaiming the ruined safehouses of the northeast. Officer Murphy alone liberated 15 buildings from the grasp of the zombies by the end of Zombie Hunting Season.

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