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Age: 26
From: Buffalo, NY
Currently Resides In: Factories around Dulston
Joined: 5/23/2007
Level: 41
Group: The Electric Light Torchestra
Instruments: Electric Cowbell [[1]], Zombie Skull Percussion
Objectives: Provide power, barricade, repair buildings, heal the injured

Bandit lost his left arm in the most boring way possible - birth defect. However, what he lacks in cool stories, he makes up for with experience. He has spent the entirety of his life obsessively conditioning his body and mind for optimal performance. He has also developed a disdain for oversensitivity and emotional weakness. He hopes after all of his hard work that people will no longer perceive him as weak, or even heroic. He just wants to be normal.

Before Bandit came to Malton, he was a dedicated healthcare worker and an obsessive student of occupational therapy. If work was his first love, then music was the wild and dirty affair that kept things exciting. He could often be seen hunched over medical texts, with industrial rock blaring in the background.

Eventually Bandit's curiousity for the undead drove this studious metalhead to investigate the city of Malton. Hardened and wisened by the ensuing chaos, Bandit learned that electric power was key to the fuctioning of the city, along with the survival and comfort of it's inhabitants. It was this realization, combined with his passion for music, that Bandit became involved with The Electric Light Torchestra of The Dulston Alliance. Since then, he has learned a lot from his mentors in Dulston, and looks forward to expanding his own knowledge and experience.

When Bandit isn't at work, he can be seen annoying other people with dead baby jokes, or hitting on much younger women. People have also been known to bemoan his questionable fashion sense, even in the midst of a brutal and horrifying zombie seige. While he might be thought of as pathetic or creepy to some, Bandit is also known for his loyalty, strong work ethic, and [occassionally twisted] sense of honor. Bandit's friends would say that underneath his poor taste and lack of common sense lies a heart of pure gold.

Contact Info:
Dulston Alliance members (and others) should feel free to contact me. It is a social game, after all.
AIM: nathanramsey1981
yahoo: npramsey
MSN and Xbox Live: