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Class: Civilian (Cop)

Level: 31

Jills Profile:

BIO: --Coming soon--

Positions: Group Leader, Red squad leader, U.B.C.S supervisor

NEWS: This user name and Character will be retired soon. (New character and User name CLASSIFIED for now)

Random Templates

Jill-V2.jpg Jill Valentine.
This user is Jill Valentine.

SWAT-GUY2.jpg Malton SWAT teamLeader.
This user is the leader of the Malton SWAT team.

SWAT-Shotgun.jpg Shotgun's!
This user is thinks shotguns are cool!

SWAT-Flaregun.jpg Flare Guns!
This user is thinks Flare guns are cool too!

SWAT-Toxic.jpg TOXIC!
This user is Toxic!!!

M.D.D.jpg Malton Death Dealers
This user supports the Malton Death Dealer's.

BACK-UP.jpg Back-up
This user has a S.W.A.T team backing her up. Dont piss her off.

CROW-PISTOL.jpg Crowbars and pistol's!
This user thinks everyone should use Pistol's and Crowbar's.

BARNEY-CALHOUN.jpg Security!
This user thinks security guards like Barney Calhoun are cool.

This user is a template factory and enjoys createing template's for other's.

Duncan.jpg duncan.
This user love's Duncan Sheik.


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