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PQN - A user that seemed to come out of nowhere. Although he deletes pages, Edits text & ruins fun & learning for everyone, he presents a valuable lesson: Moderators should have the ability to block users IP's from registering & reserve every name that starts with a 'PQN'

All the PQN's are 1 person, except PQN 3- That was some fucktard copycat try hard wanting to grab attention, but I envy my followers. Vandalizing pages & pissing off staff is fun.

Located on User:PQN 4's page:

See Also: Small Dick Syndrome

small dick syndrome
Some men obsess endlessly about the size of their dicks. There is nothing they can do about it. 
Straight men often compare the limp size of their dicks with other limp men they see in restrooms. 
There is much more variation is limp sizes than erect, so they can imagine they are relatively 
much smaller than they really are. Some straight men, who believe they are unusually small-dicked, 
try to compensate, by acting tough, talking in a belligerent way, or even beating up people.  
PQN exhibits the syndrome.