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Suburb 2.0


The aim of this project is to revamp the suburb pages, most of which have become cluttered and ugly. The revamp would include making a selection of information that should be displayed on the suburb pages, deciding on a lay-out and overall design of the page and creating the different elements.

After that we'll create a mock up and ask for feedback of the general wikipublic.


What should be on the page? Feel free to add them here.

  • EMRP's should be displayed in a more readable fashion.
As it stands, the EMRPs would require a legend to update properly, especially for the novice editor. It takes a while to figure out where the EMRP template for a given suburb can be edited, as only a link to the "Talk" page of the corresponding suburb EMRP is provided from the main EMRP. The suburb headings for each EMR summary on the main EMRP, for instance, links only to the suburb's page, but not to the EMR summary page.

Moreover, the current legend is not very intuitive for the newer editor, as it takes a while to get used to asterisks as an indicator for infrastructure statuses, and letter codes for suburb-wide lighting. A transition to a more "human" and zombie-readable (no, probably not in zamgrh, unless there is an intense want for such,) may be needed, in order to facilitate the process of editing the EMR summaries.

EMR summaries are currently not integrated within the current suburb pages, but they may be good as "quick references" on the top of the suburb pages, akin to the Danger Report templates on building pages.
  • At least half of what's in the right side bar should go: it's just unreadable (especially for new players.)
If discarding sections on the right-hand sidebars will not be a viable option, their reorganization into different areas of the suburb page may suffice. For example, as per the above salient point (EMRPs), the danger level of the suburb may be placed on the top-most area of the suburb page along with the revised EMR summary, in a similar fashion to the Danger Reports on building pages. Groups may be given their own section on the suburb page rather than on the sidebar, as well, and the various maps may be consolidated into a single one, as per the next suggestion.
  • Several maps (suburb map, barricade plan, danger map) should be combined: there are too many maps, which clutters the view
If setting up a single section to contain multiple maps which could be switched between according to tabs will not be too complex/add too much lag in loading images, this may be a viable approach to consolidating all the suburb maps into a single one, at least on the Suburb page.
  • "Recent News" sections shouldn't even exist: they're counterproductive and demoralizing, since they're less frequently updated than the rest. In stead, EMRP, Danger Reports, etc. should be automatically implemented in a standardized format, in stead of being spread all over the page.
  • Groups should have a bigger, more prominent place, with enough room to display their local activities etc.
  • History should be at the bottom.



While majority who may chance upon this page would probably be long-time wiki contributors or web spiders, there may be the odd, new contributor viewing, as well. As such, some frequently utilized abbreviations may be indicated below: