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Wearing: a pair of glasses, a blood-flecked white jacket and a blood-flecked pair of black shoes"
Wearing: a pair of glasses, a blood-flecked white jacket and a blood-flecked pair of black shoes"
=--[[User:Plscks|plscks]] 05:34, 18 April 2009 (BST)=
--[[User:Plscks|plscks]] 05:35, 18 April 2009 (BST)

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Random info

I'm a professional physics student up in Chi-town, it's fun. I don't spell for crap, and I'm still pretty new to UD. If all of these words are in fact spelled correctly it is all thanks to me typing this and looking up to see that firefox has underlined all the words with red. Also, I enjoy using "....." instead of the more appropriate and traditional "..."


I currently have 3 characters on UD which I will list in the order of their creation.

Plscks Zombah

This was my first character, as a babah harman I was born in Dulston. I wondered around till I was lost and eventually APed outside. From there I spent a few weeks as a zombie waiting at RPs, where people would routinely run up to he shoot me with a flare gun, hit me with an axe, knife me in the face, and then headshot me. After a while I figured that I would just be a zombah, but that was not very effective at all. Then I joined up with the RRF and landed grouped with Team America Fuck! Yeah! They grew me up and now I rove around with my TA brothers and sisters trashing malton.

Plsck Survivor

I created this character a few hours after Plscks with the hopes of having a dedicated fire fighter. He came to in some random suburb in the South-West of Malton. Plsck spent a little while dead and looking for an RP at first. When he finally found one, it was deep into North Blythville. From there I made St. Joseph's Hospital my home and tried to join with the burb's leading survivor group, the Olney Militia, the O.M. subsequently denied my application because of my alts affiliation with the RRF. Though I did still work closely with them from time to time. Then, only a short time ago, I got a call to duty to fight the good fight against The Dead up at The Haslock Building (Chancelwood). Now I am helping to create a survivor group called Citizens Living In Teamwork, Organization, Resourcefulness, Insanity, and Security We are like the anti-zombah, we use tactics similar to the more organized hordes and disapprove of any sort of long term defense of a building, guerrilla warfare is the way to take Malton back!

a Polydactyl Cat PKer-one day.....

This is my newest character, one day after I raise him he will be able to join Red Rum. He started his first few weeks as a zombah clawing other zombahs at RPs to gain levels. He has only just been revived, and for some odd reason has a pistol. his description says it all:

"A feral cat with way too many toes and claws. Someone has jammed a shoe on its head and tied a jacket around it's tail. It appears to have a collar with someones glasses clipped to it.

Wearing: a pair of glasses, a blood-flecked white jacket and a blood-flecked pair of black shoes"

--plscks 05:35, 18 April 2009 (BST)

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