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| '''Bounties claimed:'''
| '''Bounties claimed:'''
| {{{char_bounties|149}}}
| {{{char_bounties|195}}}
| '''Zombies down:'''
| '''Zombies down:'''

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"There are two kinds of egotists: Those who admit it, and the rest of us." -Laurence J. Peter

Joined: 12-04-2007
Character class: Firefighter
Character profile: RichterFury's Profile
Character group: South Malton Watch
Bounties claimed: 17
Zombies down: 28
Revives given: 56

Joined: 12-02-2007
Character class: Private
Character profile: AidenFury's Profile
Character group: The Saints
Bounties claimed: 195
Zombies down: 7
Revives given: 6


Initially joined the game in March 2006 as a member of the Molebank Citizen Volunteers where I briefly attempted to defend the rapidly worsening northwest around the time of the Second Siege of Caiger Mall. Eventually I lost interest in the game and left to pursue other things.

Returned to Urban Dead in early December, 2007. Participated with both characters in efforts against The Dead in summer and early fall 2008 on Lurching Gait and Beerhah along with members of numerous other groups large and small, including some PKers. Aided Legends of Darkness in securing their forum when an admin left on unfortunate terms. Advised the new leadership of The Imperium in ways to improve the group and their public perception.


AidenFury joined the and coming group E.N.D where one of my first actions after returning was to participate in the nearly month long Battle of Giddings. During this time I also began bounty hunting with GlennB and lunatoon in a little known subgroup of bounty hunters called the E.N.D.ing where I was briefly offered a leadership role as GlennB became inactive for a period of time.

Left E.N.D. with several other players in response to internal conflict stemming from the forum spying (and subsequent griefing by) the Creedy Guerilla Raiders' headless gunner under the alias of Schizophrenic Drunk. Previously CGR had used similar tactics against other groups such as the 101st Airborne Unit.

Shortly thereafter in March, 2008 I played an important role in the formation of the bounty hunter group The Saints, providing much of the impetus along with the name after considerable discussion into our future goals. This was done in conjunction with Glenn B, Ciscokitty, dzme14, Sgt Chavez and others, many of who have compiled extraordinary lists of accomplishments. Continued to be active in the leadership of the group for more than half a year, becoming known in many places as the "leader" of The Saints a role which I publicly reject.

Was quickly joined by more truly excellent players and well-known names in bounty hunting such as Ryan Lynch, Strayla, Nicholas Risto, the jolly interloper, and Vigeous who have all left their mark in The Saints' rise to prominence as arguably the premier bounty hunter group in Malton. During this time we established alliances with Cheap Ass Survivors (disbanded), The Randoms and another great bounty hunter group Team Xtreme and collaborated with them and the Malton Marshals in launching raids on groups of PKers eliminating up to nearly a dozen at a time. Dominated bounty hunting in general and Rogues Gallery moderatorships for a period of several months.


RichterFury joined the West Grayside Watch (now South Malton Watch) where I worked with players such as infamous ex-PKer and all around good guy Kapitan Fitting, an alt of influential zombie/death cultist Wan Yao and future co-leader of the group Apocalyptic Doom. Took an active role in the activities of the group, participating in excursions to Galbraith Hills and Scarletwood while working with groups such as Nightwatch.

Suggested the name which later became the new name of the group South Malton Watch and assumed leadership of the group along with Apocalyptic Doom when Kapitan Fitting unfortunately retired from the group. Redesigned the group's wiki page and forum and made other tweaks and changes as necessary. Negotiated official alliances with The Randoms and the Grayside Demons a group that had previously been unwilling to ally due to our alliance with Special Tactics and Rescue Squad a group they had warred with. Planned and led an expedition to Molebank which ultimately proved unsuccessful due to large numbers of zeds and little local support except for 10 Minutes From Hell.

WGW Wiki picture.PNG South Malton Watch
This user is a member of the South Malton Watch and has been combating zombies and boredom alike in green suburbs.

Linux.png Linux
RichterFury has and supports Linux.

ConfederateFlag.jpg Anti-Southern Pride
This user is from the South, and frankly can't stand most other people here.

Trench coat.jpg Anti-Trenchcoater
This user finds people with 20 shotguns and katanas to be obnoxious.
Survivor giddings stand.jpg Battle of Pitneybank
This user or group was among the living that fought honorably against the Big Bash 2 in the one month long Battle of Pitneybank.

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