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Sometimes, I just wanna get on T.V. and just let loose!

I should really have something to type here; I should be able to describe to you who I am, why I joined Urban Dead, and why I decided to take the time to join and contribute (Though I'm sure if you look at my contributions, you'll realise I don't contribute much to the wiki, nevermind contribute usefully.) Oh yeah, this one time, I totally ran for SysOp, because I was stupid and was in it for some kind of sense of self-importance or something, I don't know. In other news, I adore my new user page. EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THIS BOX IS TOO SHORT. I NEED SOMETHING TO PUT HERE.

My Characters

This page needs updating, but yeah, my characters (and former characters) should be available for you all to see soon.

My sandpit

This is where I keep things from aeons passed where I wanted to save edits instead of just using preview all the time. (It even helped making this page. :3)