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Through the mist, you see a man approaching. At least, you would assume it was a man, save the strange gait it has. It seems to be lurching towards you.

Ahh, Rorybob. Where would I be without Rorybob? Well, without a name for starters.

He started off as a wandering NT slave, but then got fed up with waiting for revive lines. He did a foolish thing and started being a lone zombie, 'feral'. Growing exhausted of a daily grind with no obvious rewards, he drifted away from the game.

After being reminded of the game once again (My friend who used to play, told me of the Monroeville map.), he sought out information, and subsequently joined the Ridleybank Resistance Front, finding a place in Auxunit 10. (As I joined the RRF quite a few months after blackmoar.) That's pretty much it, I do believe.

Having done the first stage of my character so long ago (September 2007.) I cannot remember a single detail about it whatsoever. He goes round and eats with AU10 now.

(I would put templates here to show off how cool I am, but that would take a large amount of time for something unimportant.)