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Well, I've been here for a few months now, and I've learned quite a bit from just about everyone. I have figured out the secrets to survival and the wonderful joy of devival. I have even spraypainted, lit, and nailed harmless puppies to a wall! But I digress, you want to know me, so I'll tell you.

I'm a highschool kid from Kentucky. That's Kentucky as in the state, in the United States of America. I've signed on with the Kentucky Army National Guard, they're paying for my college, and all I have to do is go through some training. It's a deciding factor in my life, so even if it hurts like hell, I'll endure it. The route I'm taking though, a wonderful route at that, is one of the Information Technology Specialist (25b). But enough about that, let me tell you about my surroundings. Currently sitting behind my own computer, drinking black coffee that I made, which is horrible by the way, and messing with this. New to the whole HTML thing, but I have some history with Visual Basics, so it's not all that foreign.

Where you may see me

Ryan Marsh(DITPS) - Currently protecting Dulston

Gorged Corpsefire(Indie) - Currently sleeping in Santlerville


A Character I made up a while back, and one that I don't exactly like, but I live the lie. Helping survivors in Dulston is fun and all, but when you get the idiots who zerg and whine because they get killed, or constantly waste AP spamming the radios or just plain talking. Honestly, I wish they'd find something more productive to do.

Gorged Corpsefire

Just a character I made after messing around on Diablo II. He's just your average rotter waiting to block the nearest revive line or drag his arse into a cracked building for a tasty snack. I've stopped playing as him for some reason, but now that I'm writing this, I'm sure I'll get back to playing as him. If I do though, I'll probably move him down to The greenest red suburb around


I joined Urban Dead a few months ago, starting my first steps as a survivor, then tagging along in busted open buildings, smashing whatever zeds I could find. I got killed a few times when sleeping on the streets, and initially hated the game. Then, of course, I found my way to Dulston, and was holed up in the Weston Crescent Fire Station, which was next to the Anne General Hospital. One faithful day, AGH was under attack by a mob of zombies. This prompted me to go over and help, and I pretty much joined up then and there.

They're a pretty cool group, they don't mind much of anything, except griefers, which I take care of nine times out of ten. I started off as a rookie on the Security team, and quickly got promoted to Security Guard. That's when the security team sorta fell apart. Our captain, Steinherz, had to leave the game for OOC reasons, so we went ahead and let him go take care of them. We were without a leader for a while, then I stepped up and did an Activity Check. One person answered it, and so that's how I became the current Captain. Currently, there's probably just me on the Security team. I say probably because I can never keep track of anyone else, they all just seem to go inactive on the forums, which is where I coordinate with them.

I've seen a few cool places, I've been to A fort and several malls. I helped defend Santlerville against one of the giant hordes that was dedicated in the total destruction of the suburb. I've helped defend Dulston numerous times, even going so far as to creating a sound battle plan (That absolutely no one wanted to follow, because survivors have some strange fixation on malls)that would have brought the suburb back to green in days, a week tops. I've offed several miscreants and murderers, not to mention several zombies whose brains' were a little past their prime. I've had so many bites, scrapes, and other various wounds that my guy should be in traction right now, but thanks to the amazing realism of the game, a first aid kit solves everything.

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