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Manhunt: Beast at Bay
I grabbed this picture off the wiki. Official Manhunt motto: "Kill Sam 2334."


During the previous manhunt, a bunch of crazy people (including yours truly) started getting all shooty in the playing area. The only problem was that none of us--I mean, them--had officially joined, thereby relegating said crazies to the status of scum of the earth. It didn't really help that a whole mess of Those Wacky Nazis had jumped on the bandwagon as well. Anyways, in the aftermath of the whole event, some people were mightily annoyed, and exchanged taunts with several of the madmen who had been dueling with them for the past week or so. Something like that. Accounts vary.

Anyways, because I anticipate that some people might be (and partly because I only entered the playing area to track down and murder the Manhunters, coward and combat pragmatist that I am), this here Manhunt will have only a single goal: be the first to track down and murder me. Ready...set...go.

The Arena

I knew you'd ask this. To keep it simple, let's just say that the arena encompasses the entirety of Malton. If it's on this map, then it's within the bounds of this Manhunt.

How to Join

  1. Add "Manhunt: Beast at Bay" to your Group Affiliation. You must keep this in your profile for the duration of this event.
  2. Post on the Talk Page declaring your intent to join. A full list of contestants will be created once the Manhunt begins.

When does it start?

It starts at midni--just kidding, it starts on December 1st at 3:00 GMT and lasts until either I'm dead by the hands of one of the contestants of the Manhunt or the event is declared over by more-or-less consensus of the contestants.

Rules and Regulations

  1. No zerging. That's obvious.
  2. Make sure your Group Affiliation is as specified in the "How to Join" section.
  3. Temporary alliances with other contestants is allowed. Go ahead. But that's rather silly of you, since there can be only a single winner, and that person is the first contestant to reduce my hitpoints to exactly zero while I am a survivor. Telling the other contestants where I am will not do you any good.
  4. Enlisting the help of people who are not participating in the event is prohibited, as always.
  5. Random Pkers and zombies are encouraged to kill me at any point possible, just because.
  6. If I end up dead as a result of the actions of someone who is not a contestant, then I will proceed immediately to the nearest revive point. As stated above, killing me while I am a zombie does not qualify as a win. Only good old-fashioned pking will work here. (Eating me while as a zombie doesn't work either. You must be still alive.) Non-contestants may not claim victory for my death.
  7. Just to keep things interesting: every three days I will broadcast on 26.50 MHz my location. I reserve the right to be as vague or specific as possible. My broadcasts could be anything from "Northwest Malton" to "Whittenside" to "Thompson Mall." Note that no broadcast will be vague to the point that I might as well have just said "I'm still in Malton"--that's not really fair, and it should be pretty obvious anyways that leaving Malton is impossible. Also note that after making a broadcast, I am still able to run. The location I tell you is my location at the moment of the broadcast.
  8. To claim a kill (and thus emerge victorious) either take a screenshot of the scene or use Iwitness or a similar screen-capture tool. Screenshots must be unaltered and must include the location of my death and the message "You [fire at/stab/attack] Sam 2334 with your [weapon]. They die." Post on the Talk Page to claim the kill. If everything is deemed satisfactory, congrats. You just won.
  9. Killing innocent bystanders is okay. In fact, it's almost encouraged.
  10. Added October 18: I promise not to throw myself out of windows. Fair's fair.
  11. To suggest a rule addition, bring it up on the Talk Page.
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