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Season 3 Only curious


a member of the Clone Hunters Unlimited

characters of the same player working together found by season 3

G Ho and Azsrieal you can found evidence here.

lyndsaym, Angulo del Castillo, Lyndsay Castillo here is the evidence
CDF multi abuse discussion
lies refutation
mild insults and excuses

30+ members created in June 2006? 17+ on the same weekend, we have to investigate.


Why are at least 30 characters of your group where created in June 2006? Alone between the 13th and 15th 17+ characters (and that‘s only those which I could find).

0ut of 0rder ArkenMint bassic cokkbeard DJ Chump Doseone Mr Deadmeat equinox code JBlythe kockmoustache Ogden Nut Oscar Zeta Scurrminator Slime002 Subatai Superflyninja Doseone

I cannot see a forum or a community from which your members come, like Something Awful, Warseers or Penny Arcade, which could explain a massive character draft. This I find very suspicious. Character names like Slime007, Slime002, slime013, Scurrminator , the scurrminator, JackRyder, JohnRyder, Melee Scurr, Medic scurr (and they work “very�? close together, trust me I have watched them) doesn’t help the case either. Are you zerg-farmers or only a second-choice faction to stuff some alts in, and if so, from what faction and/or community do your members come from? --Season 3 00:23, 1 August 2006 (BST)

Season 3, greetings from the MoFos. You seem to have gone to a lot of effort to study little old us! I hope you will forgive a rather lengthy answer, but serious accusations require serious explanation.
The MoFos have been 'dormant' for a long time and suddenly experienced a large influx of numbers within a few short weeks, as a result of one member introducing an existing community to the game. A couple of us joined in, talked about what a laugh it was, and the recruitment simply snowballed (which made it a lot of fun!), which is why we gained so many members in a few days. We're very pleased you haven't found the forum our new members originate from, because that gave them time to become familiar with Malton and learn the necessary skills for survival without drawing too much attention to themselves. (We now have a dedicated forum for the MoFos to communicate with each other and Malton, linked from the article page.) Trying to co-ordinate a large number of new players was initially rather difficult, as you may imagine. Our members are not a massive number of alts belonging to a very few people, I assure you that much. We possess several dozen members.
You are correct however that some of our number have suspiciously similar names. Originally some of our new members were unaware zerging was not acceptable, leading to the situation you describe. We do not condone zerging in the sense of alts working together, however we do not prevent our members using multiple characters independently of each other, in separate suburbs, as the game rules permit. Some of these alts adopt the MoFo tag and work elsewhere to spread our (hopefully) good name, some now roam independently, and the rest were left to die off. And I add that we certainly do not allow our members to create massive numbers of 'disposable' characters, in the traditional sense of 'zerging'; this behaviour is expressly forbidden. All those 'slime's, for example, were made by one member in an attempt to create a character near our HQ. Most were left to die off, although a few remain active in other suburbs. (As an aside, I also add that a few characters were named after other members as a joke attempt at stealing their thunder; forum humour, if you will. This only accounts for a very few names though.)
Despite our best efforts at discouragement, some of our numbers (eg the various 'scurr's you mention, whom I have warned personally on several occasions) persist in bringing alts back to the same safehouses to stock up on syringes, FAKs, ammo etc. The destruction of safehouses by the Big Bash has sadly made this all the more tempting for some members in recent weeks. Whenever we see it occurring we ask the offender to finish collecting what they need and move immediately (AP permitting) to another suburb, though inevitably some may be present for hours or even days before we notice. To the best of my knowledge this behaviour was finally stamped out of the final few members within the last fortnight. If you see it occurring, or even worse have evidence of genuine co-operation between alts, I ask you to bring it to our attention as soon as possible. Please use our aforementioned forum for such communication so we can find and deal with it quicker.
I hope that answers all your questions satisfactorily. You are also welcome to make detailed enquires in our forum. We are eager not to be hastily labelled zergers without a fair trial, and will happily solve any genuine problems internally, if we are given the chance.--Mr Pauser 21:49, 5 August 2006 (BST)

cpt missfired/cpt missfire case

cpt missfired/Morrish Building cpt missfired

cpt missfire/Giddings Mall cpt missfire

shadowhawk66666 - Military joined: 2006-05-17 real name: Kenneth Warren

death66666 - Civilian joined: 2006-05-26 real name: kenneth warren

shadowss - Military joined: 2006-05-21 real name: kenneth warren


Raenir Blaine real name: Darryll Nicholl

Blaine Raeni real name: Darryll Nicholl


for more evidence of players caught in the act ;) look here and here

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