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Hey, you have reached my User Page. I'm still new to UD, but I love the game and follow the rules. If I make mistakes, please forgive them and correct me so I can learn :)

I treat my two accounts as very separate people. I do not Zerg (heck, I walked my alts AWAY from where the others were) and I've developed two very different responses to a situation. (Survivor will heal someone who is injured, PKer will shoot them, Zombie will maul them). So don't hold a grudge against the other character based on the actions of the other. My zombie may eat your brains, my PKer shoot you while you innocently slept, but my survivor will revive you in a snap if you enter his territory.

If you're willing to spare some time to help me learn how to use the wiki better, please leave a message on my discussion page saying so ;) I'm trying to improve at my ability to use this wiki, but I'm not very good right now. (Current interest: templates.)

Say hi to my friend Ikkad if you see him around!

Active characters.

My main acc. (Survivor)

Edward Edward Sletery - [1]

Templates about me (as my Human)

SoC star.png Soldiers of Crossman
Shadok is a proud member of the Soldiers of Crossman.
EvilSlayer.jpg EVIL Slayer
This fine Soldier participated in putting EVIL where it belongs. Face down.
ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Alive
This user is a survivor and proud of it.
Rise.GIF Prevent the up?rising
This user believes that playing Whack-A-Mole with zombies is plain retarded.
Shotgun.jpg Right to bear arms
This user supports the Second Amendment.
E=mc2.jpg Logic and Reason
DSR rates the power of Logic and Reason over a shotgun any day.
UwarS.GIF Supporter of Urban Warfare Doctrine
I fight block by block
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.

My PKing Alt - Click for more detailed profile (Please be patient as I update my whole playerpage to be up to snuff)

Zohtun - [2]

My proud RRF, a shambling zombie.

Babbah Zambah - [3]
ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Dead
This user is a zombie and proud of it.
Redskull.jpg Violence is quicker
Both diplomacy and violence solve problems. But violence is quicker.
Zombieface.jpg Graaaagh!
This user eats brains.
DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This user supports the
Scorched Earth Policy.
Zombie river icon 2.gif Zombie River Tactics
I am the void that devours all.

Retired characters:

My zombie, a rotten MOB.

Templates about my ex zombie!

Grammahammah - [4]
ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Dead
This user is a zombie and proud of it.
Redskull.jpg Violence is quicker
Both diplomacy and violence solve problems. But violence is quicker.
Eatbrains.gif Brain Rot
Grammahammah has Brain Rot and wishes to stay dead.
Militant Order of Barhah.gif Militant Order of Barhah
The MOB is coming...

My fourth character, an additional pro-survivor

Dr Spleenrip - [5]

Templates about stuff I follow as a player.

Zergling.gif Alt user
This user has alts but DOESN'T Zerg.
Cgisf-tgg.png This user is a zombese linguist.

Smiley.png It's a Joke, OK?
Shadok supports the use of humor, even when other people don't get it.
Damn.gif ... Wha?
This user just doesn't care.
Zambahandshake.JPG Civility
This user or group believes that while zambahz and humans must kill each other, they can still be civil about it.
Calendar.jpg Calendar
Today is Tuesday, 28 Mar 2023
Digital Clock.jpg Clock
The time is currently 17:29 based on server time.

My sandbox, if you feel like intruding on my privacy