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combat stats
Spattered in dark, dry blood and dirt, the bearded man is wearing green surgeon coverings under a dull white medical robe. He is carrying a leather medical case, the zip is half open with the grip of a shotgun poking out ready for use.



Plan A : Patrol Crooketon

Nearby malls:
Tompson mall, Lockettside NW
Macrae Bank
7-69 (NW)
Tompson Mall (SW block)
20-81 (SE)
13 blocks away only.

Marven mall, South Blythville SE

Plan B : Patrol Lamport Hills / Chancelwood
Nearby malls:
Bale Mall, East Boundwood NW
Stickling Mall, Shearbank NE
Dowdney Mall, Santlerville S
Treweeke Mall, Dulston SW


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