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Pimbank Barricade Plan
60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69
40 Schl RP PD NT FS Pub Auto Schl
41 PD NT Cin RP Cin Pub
42 Tow Buld Auto
43 Mus Fac PD Lib
44 Tow Buld Buld Cin Cin Mus Mall Mall
45 JY Ch RP Rail Cin Mall Mall
46 Bank Rail Buld Buld
47 Cin Fac
48 Lib WH Lib Tow Tow FS Buld FS
49 JY Rail Mus Rail Fac

Unenterable Buildings
Extremely Heavily Barricaded Phone Mast
Enterable Buildings
Auto Shop Fire Station
Hospital NecroTech
Police Department School
Other VSB Buildings Unbarricaded Buildings
Other Locations
Street Monument
Cemetery Revivification Point

UBP Compliance

Essential Buildings

Barricading of essential buildings shall be limited to levels that allow average citizens entry under normal conditions (Very Strongly Barricaded or VSB). Essential buildings include:

  1. Hospitals (no hospitals in Pimbank) - check
  2. Police Departments (all PDs in Pimbank suggested VSB and most have nearby VSB entry points if needed to be caded during a siege) - check
  3. Fire Stations (all FSs in Pimbank suggested VSB) - check
  4. Schools (both schools in Pimbank suggested VSB, both also double as convenient entry points) - check
  5. Necrotech Buildings "Because it is extremely desirable to have a running generator in a Necrotech building, only one NT building in a suburb must be designated VSB+2 under the UBP. The remainder can optionally be designated EHB." (One NT Building suggested VSB+2, the other EHB. I'm open to suggestions and comments about this.) - check
  6. Because the internal halls are open, Malls and other multiple-block structures should be maintained at EHB, but must have one or two adjacent buildings maintained at VSB+2 entryways. (Tynte Mall is hard to defend. It also is part of the only E-W free running lane through Pimbank. I'm wary to suggest a VSB+2 building adjacent to the Mall, and there are adequate entry points surrounding the mall (all within 2-3 blocks), so, again, suggestions and comments welcome. - I've added the Nuttall Museum as an adjacent entry point to the mall for now, previous my plan had the Evershed Cinema as the entry point to the west of the mall. I've also turned the Mare Auto Repair north of the mall to VSB, though I think that might endanger the free running lane.) - check

Other Policies

  • Additional buildings as may be strategically required as entryways to clusters of EHB barricaded buildings by survivors with the Free Running skill. No building should be completely cut-off from outside accessibility. Good choices for these include Libraries, Junkyards, and dark buildings. (I've suggested a good number of VSB entry points- possibly too many? I tried to space them out a good bit while leaving solid EHB free running lanes where possible. All suggestions for additional VSB buildings are cinemas, museums and churches.) - check
  • There must be at least two VSB designated structures in any quadrant of a suburb. At least one VSB building per quadrant should be a non-resource building. - (each quadrant has at least 3 VSB suggestions, including all Tactical Resource Buildings and at least one non-resource building) - check
  • Additionally there should also be at least one VSB designated structure in any 9 block area whenever terrain permits, so that no citizen should have to move too far to find shelter. (The area immediately surrounding the mall does not conform to this, but, again, I'm wary to set any buildings immediately adjacent to the Mall to VSB+2 because of the possibility of ruining a free running lane) - check
  • Fire Stations and Schools are particularly important. Not so much because of the resources they provide, but as low priority targets for zombies that survivors can easily identify (particularly FSs) on the map and move to with a high expectation of finding an entranceway. The UBP is about more than just what buildings to barricade to what level - it's about providing some consistent (Uniform) standards that survivors can hope to rely on, to the benefit of all of us. (all FSs and Schools in Pimbank are suggested VSB) - check


  • It is recommended that buildings with phone masts are barricaded to EHB, unless they are an essential building listed above, with no alternate of its type within the suburb. (phone mast building is suggested EHB) - check
  • When a building is under siege by three or more zombies, barricade limitations may be temporarily ignored, but should be returned to the preferred condition as soon as the immediate threat is alleviated. (most resource buildings have nearby or adjacent non-resource entry points) -check
  • Exceptions to VSB limitation on the essential buildings listed above are reasonable in certain circumstances of proximity. For example if there is a Police Department and a Hospital adjacent to each other and another Hospital within 3 blocks, the Hospital next to the Police Department could be exempted from the VSB limit. (not a wealth of resource buildings in Pimbank, so not a problem) - check
  • Exceptions on essential buildings also applies when doing so would threaten a Free Running lane. An example would be when there is only one building to get between the east and west side of the suburb. This can also apply to inter-suburb FR lanes. (I use this exception to justify why I'm wary to suggest more than one entry point adjacent to the mall.)
Suburb Buildings VSB EHB non-UBP
Pimbank 52 17 35 6 (which are all non-resource entry points set to VSB+2)

Exceptions or changes from the existing Pimbank Barricade Plan

Changes from the existing plan

  • The Lasder Building [69,46]: This should be EHB (current plan says VSB) and serve as a free running lane to the East.
  • The Hind Building [61,41]: This is a NT building surrounded by entry points. With another NT building so close with cades at VSB+2, I think the Hind Building can stay at EHB.
  • The Primrose Bank [60,46] - moved the entry point / safehouse from Bhore Cinema
  • The Pretty Museum [62,49] - added another entry point / safehouse to the SW quadrant of the suburb
  • St.Dorotheus's Church [62,45] - added another entry point / safehouse to the SW quadrant of the suburb
  • Nuttall Museum [65,45] - the only adjacent entry point to Tynte Mall - moved the entry point / safehouse from Batt Cinema
  • Buckmaster Cresent Railway Station - added another entry point / safehouse to the S end of the suburb, serves as EP to EHB hospital to the south
  • Derrick Cinema [67,41] - no longer an entry point, there's already four VSB buildings within 2 blocks.
  • The Retallick Building, The Lasder Building - no longer entry points / safehouses because they are vital to FR lanes

Non-resource buildings suggested VSB as entry points/safe houses for Free Runners and new players

  • The Turpin Building [61,42] - very close to Rowley Boulevard PD and may be redundant, though a good building to leave VSB when Rowley Boulevard PD is under siege as entry point to Rowley Blvd PD and Hind Building NT
  • St.Dorotheus's Church [62,45]
  • The Nuttall Museum [66,44] - entry point to the Tynte Mall
  • The Primrose Bank [60,46] - also serves as entry point to EHB Eugene General Hospital to the west in Ridleybank
  • The Pretty Museum [62,49]
  • Buckmaster Crescent Railway Station [64,49] - also serves as entry point to EHB St.Ethelbert's Hospital to the south in Roftwood, but very close to Frayne Walk FS and may be redundant.