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early January 2010

  • snoozing in Tompson Mall. peppermint is trying to hold Lockettside with Fiona Waterhaven.

18:55, 21 January 2010 (UTC)

  • up in Marven Mall, now that Lockettside is a wasteland and Tompson Mall has fallen. Fiona has taken of to the west, I've run into Kelela in the mall and hopefully we'll work together for at least a few days, trying to clean up Lockettside and defend Marven Mall from the impending onslaught. Kelela reported there are already 10 bodies outside our corner of the mall. Maybe if we can find her a mobile phone, we'll be able to wander off together without losing each other. peppermint spent today stocking up on ammo, and wanted to find a portable generator to take with him to the south. it may all be too far gone for that now, but we'll see.

23:19, 3 February 2010 (UTC)

  • back with the folks @ Frossard Place PD, working on keeping Tompson Mall safe. Right now, the southern half of the mall is being overrun with zombies, with survivors crowding around the silent generators and radio transmitters in the dark, northern half of the mall.. While these attacks seems small, the survivor presence in Tompson has never really returned to it's levels before the holiday attacks. The hospital north of the mall is still standing, while survivors seem to have abandoned the NT building to it's west for now. I sent Fiona a txt before I passed out just south of the mall, and hopefully she's somewhere with a transmitter and can update everyone on the break-in.