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What there is to know

Athair Bas is the PKer alt of Spacer one...

Killing with no regard for burbs or groups, he wanders Malton with high hopes of being listed in the Rouges Gallery...Often choosing his next victim due to a reference to some stupid American movie in their name or profile. Athair Bas kills under his theory "NEX!!"...Violent Death to all!!...

Why am I am PKer you ask

Did I kill you?

These kills have been logged since Athair joined with the Legends of Darkness...

[Tactical Soldier] [The Kill]

[Geoff P] [The Kill]

[Dan Micheal Smith] [The Kill]

[MimiTachikawa] [The Kill]

[Flaremaster] [The Kill]

[Buttsington] [smack talk] [kill]

[az11] [Smack Talk] [The Kill]

[Rob Alner] No Screenie due to comp error

Jason Hex (no profile due to user error) [talkin Smack] [The Kill] [Added Commentary]

[Flaremaster] [Talkin Smack] [The Kill]

[Dr Haberdashery II] [Talkin Smack] [The Kill]

[Sloth Gunderson] [Talkin Smack] [The Kill]

[Madlatvian] [Talkin Smack] [The Kill]

[Ottari] [yackity Yack] [Dont Talk Back]

[Ottari (Again)] [Talkin smack] [Alot of Smack] [The Kill(again)]

[TXGP173] [Gotta run my mouth] [before I kill you]

[DooganWang] [I was sleepy] [and life is but a dream...I am the nightmare]

UPDATE As of Jun 7, 2008, 8:17pm Athair Bas has aligned himself with The Steltsy.

UPDATE As of 2008-06-15 11:32:19 Im In The RG[1] Im so proud... First of all, Id like to thank Kevan, and all of his hardworking elves who made Malton infected. Id like to thank whoever runs the RG, for being as useful as a chalkboard. and lets not forget Benny Agbayani, even tho I killed you as a passing whim, without so much as a witty remark or my trademark "Nex!", you have provided me with the screen shot for success...and for that I thank you...

Update 8/1/08 With the fall of the Streltsy, Athair have moved on to join the Legends of Darkness...The Darkness is coming, and that flashlight Wont help you...

Update 8/12/08 Today I caused a bit of a ruckus in Joachim mall...first time Ive ever had my name sprayed as a KOS on the wall of a mall...Once again my goal of becoming a feared and hated PKer is moving forward...Let the masses know, Nex doth come from the Darkness...Let them fear...

Update 8/16/2008 With the last run through Militon and Joachim Mall complete, Athair has moved on. No reports to the RG in 2 weeks...strting to lose faith in the system...

Update Aug 20 2008 Made contact with Ballcancer of the Blood Cult. The first alliance I have sparked for the LoD. Not a big deal, but I have nothing else to write about. What is there to say? The kill count keeps rising

'Update Aug 27 20008 PKer Olympics!! I want in, but iWitness is not allowing me to create an account...I think they are scared I'll pull a Michael Phelps and run off with all the medals!!

LoDtemplate.jpg Proud member of LoD
This user is proud to be a Pker/Zombie of Legends of Darkness!
MDMTEMP.JPG Musée de Meurtre
"I went to Musée de Meurtre, and all I got were these lousy bullet wounds!"
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Communists do make better lovers!
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This user is a Kevanist. They believe that the universe was created approximately 15 years ago by an intelligent designer.
Zerg.jpg Zergers Suck
This user believes that there is no such thing as griefing a Multi abuser, they deserve everything they get.
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