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harry manback
Abbreviation: AM
Group Numbers: 10+
Leadership: DarthMortis & Sturm23
Goals: Free Roachtown
Recruitment Policy: Anyone intrested in protecting Roachtown
Contact: Any member
INFORMATION: harry manback
Starting Occupation: Fire Fighter
Group Membership: ROACH Klips
Goals: Retake Roachtown
Username: Unknown
More details: Urban Dead profile


Before the infestation began, harry was a very popular wrestler in the WWF! During his last show at Floyde Stadium, zombies busted in and slaughtered most of the fans. Harry escaped and came back to Roachtown where he grew up. He went to school with most of the current ROACH Klips parents and they view him as a father figure. A very small, fat and demented father but you get the point!

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