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Name: Suli

Age: 32

Strengths: Loyal, resilient, hard to frighten or intimidate.

Weaknesses: Unsympathetic, insubordinate, tactless.

Loves: Her kids, brendave and Clara.

Hates: Paedophiles. PKers. Not too keen on bounty hunters, either. Idiots, particularly condescending ones.

Group: MFD

Appearance: Brown hair and eyes, strong build. Although generally unsmiling, she occasionally tries to fake it when she reasons it would be appropriate, and lights up like it's Christmas when her son brendave visits. She lugs around what appears to be a heavily armoured baby carrier.


Getting information out of Suli is a lot like pulling teeth – sometimes you have to break things to get anything out.

32 years old, grew up in rural Texas. No family she’ll talk about. End of story. (Suli’s hard to break.) Ran off with a very bad man when she was still a teenager to get out. He put a gun in her hands and taught her to defend herself, and for the first time, she felt safe and free. Out of gratitude, she was willing to let him put her new weapons skills to work in pretty questionable ways. When she learned she was expecting, however, she knew things had to change (the other complications are none of your damn business). She emigrated to England, where her son was born, and settled in Malton, based on its reputation as the third most boring city in the UK.

Well, that obviously didn’t last. Suli was killed early on, and after being revived spent a few months wandering SE Malton, helping where she could, before being recruited into the Black Berets in January '06. (Even had a brief stint as a sergeant, before her insubordination got her busted back down again.) When they expanded into Gulsonside, she discovered that her 13 year old son Brendave, who she’d thought had been killed, had been riding out the crisis in the video arcade in Blesley Mall. Things got complicated when her ex turned up in town, hoping to profit off the chaos. For a while they were reconciled; a second child was born to them in November '06. Their relationship collapsed shortly thereafter, though, and they are now separated. At about the same time, Suli resigned her position with the Black Berets and, wanting to try something new, joined the MFD. She's currently a Lieutenant operating in the SE.

Suli's been through a couple kinds of hell in her life, but it turns out a zombie apocalypse is one she can deal with. After all, you’re supposed to fight back against zombies. Never having harboured any hope that they’d be allowed to leave Malton, she didn’t fall prey to despair like some others did, and not having had a real home for years, she hasn't gotten overly attached to any of the places she's defended. It's just her fellow survivors she has trouble with, but she's working on her people skills and sticking to her vow not to take up arms against another survivor.

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