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My Journal

Here can you find lots of stuff I am doing, or have done. The important events are in Bold.

March 2008

31th March 2008

  • Started messing on the wiki.

28th March 2008

  • Returned to the game!

February 2006

28th February 2006

25th February 2006

  • Still dead.
  • Making my way to the next mall. Which has already fallen.

23rd February 2006

  • Killed by a PKer. Humph.
  • Stickling Mall fallen.

22nd February 2006

  • Gained a level. Go me! Now to start on the zombie skills...
  • Killed a zombie!
  • Healed a few mates.

21st February 2006

  • Started my journal
  • Got infected, and healed, in Stickling.
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