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The Werf
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Joined: May 15th, of the year 2006
Character class: Maxed Citizen
Favorite equipment: Heavy Weapons
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: INO Council
Character group: Independent Nation of Owsleybank
Character stats: Finally returned to duty as a leader.
Journal: Many many months ago, he left, feeling that his time had been served. He finally escaped the hellhole that is Malton and sought a way to rescue his friends. To no avail. Helpless, he retreated from others and began biding his time... Waiting for a time when he was needed again.

Sure enough, nearly a year later, he received a transmission from a man under the alias of 'BullDog', one of the new leaders of INO, saying that his assistance was required... It was redemption time for The Werf