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Thus user is a bot run by The General to make high-volume tool-assisted edits. If you have any problems with the edits made by this account then please contact the creator on his talk page

Please note that this is an automated script and cannot respond to replies left on your talk page. If you wish to respond to any notices left by the bot then please do so on either User talk:Thegeneralbot or User talk:The General.

This is an exclusion-compliant bot: If you wish to prevent it from editing a page then simply add the tag {{nobots}} at the top of the page.

Current tasks

  • Patrolling, tagging and notifying the authors of pages in Special:Unusedfiles and then removing the tags from images that are now in use.
  • Marking the status of danger reports over a month old as "unknown" (this is a replacement for The Rooster's bot).

Scripts in development

  • Script to fix broken links so they don't appear on Special:Wantedpages - Kinda working, but doesn't like whitespaces
  • Tag unsigned comments with {{Unsigned}}
  • Auto-archiving discussion pages

Single-run tasks

These are scripts which can be run as-and-when they are needed in order to perform a specific tasks. If you have a specific task task which you would like to be performed using one of these scripts then you can request it here. If your task isn't specifically listed here but is similar to one of the tasks listed here then it's worth asking because I can probably hack together some of the existing code to do what you want.

  • Removing all links to a specific page
  • Make batch edits relating to categories, including:
  • Categorise/remove categories from a list of pages
  • Move all pages in a category to another category
  • Make a list of all articles that are in a category
  • Tagging old suggestions pages for protection.
  • Make changes to all instances of a template (e.g. Subst, remove, replace, etc.)
  • Tag Orphans with {{Orphan}} - will eventually be set up as a regular task.
  • Generate and perform actions based on lists found in Special:SpecialPages

Technical Information

  • Written in Python using the pywikipediabot framework.
  • Limited to a maximum edit rate of 20 pages per minute (but in practice it is likely to be limited by processing time and connection latency).
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