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Police Officer - TheSinisterPenguin
Joined: 26th March 2006
Character Details: TheSinisterPenguin
Character Class: Civilian - Police Officer
Favorite Equipment: First Aid Kit
Favorite Weapon: Shotgun
Backup Weapon: Fire Axe
Current Status: Alive and kicking
Location: Jensentown
Current Level: Level 22
Kills: 37
Group: Jensentown Defenders


Real name James Howlett. Now aged 29 and has lived in Malton for many years, moving with his parents. His father, John Howlett, was a decorated police officer who was forced to retire from the force after an injury. James knew from an early age that he would follow in his father's footsteps and joined the Malton Police Department. As a rookie, the nickname Penguin was given to him by his friends due to his black and white uniform.

James was married to his beautiful wife Susie who was killed in the initial wave of zombie attacks whilst he was at the station. Wishing that he could have been there to protect her, he holds himself responsible. He lay low for a few weeks after those first attacks and mourned for his wife. James never exceled as a cop like his father and remained in the shadows compared to other officers. Now he feels he can make a difference in Malton and help prevent the zombie onslaught.

He is willing to help all those who may need it and hopes for little else in return. All he asks is that he may take shelter with those who have it and he's prepared to get his hands dirty if needed.

Confirmed Zombie Kills: 37



Basic Firearms Training

  • Pistol Training
    • Advanced Pistol Training
  • Shotgun Training
    • Advanced Shotgun Trainig

Hand-to-Hand Combat

  • Knife Combat
  • Axe Proficiency

Free Running

NecroTech Employment

  • Lab Experience
    • NecroNet Access

First Aid

  • Surgery



  • Bargain Hunting

Body Building



Radio Operation

Zombie Hunter


I write this diary in the hope that someday, someone will be able to use it to determine what happened in Malton and how I was able to assist survivors against this zombie onslaught.

6th July 2006

Well I've not had time to write in my journal for a while. The zombies have been making organised attacks on St Humphrey's. I have been actively talking to survivors in the surrounding buildings. There does not appear to be a group who can stop these attacks. Maybe I should start one up and get some survivors help to prevent these attacks. I'll make some enquiries and see if there will be enough people to start up a group.

17th May 2006

I have spent my time getting resources from various points in Jensentown. It doesn't seem to matter how much I collect I seem to use it almost immediately. I have taken down several more zombies this week and my accuracy with both my pistol and shotgun have improved. I have also helped bring several zombies back to life. There does seem to be more zombies entering Jensentown. I wonder if something is happening that we're unaware of.

11th May 2006

It feels like weeks since I last put pen to paper, in fact it's been just days. A lot has happened that has prevented me from writing. I have been accepted into a local group who go by the name London Underground to aid in helping survivors and rerviving the dead. Reviving the dead! Doesn't sound right but apparently it is possible to bring the walking dead back to life. A company called NecroTech have been experimenting within Malton and have developed a method of reanimating decomposing flesh and reviving old memories. I was able to spend a few days within one of their buildings and have grasped some basic knowledge of their equipment and it's operation. I have equipped myself with a DNA scanner to identify the origin of a zombie and also the ability to revive said dead person. I hope that this knowledge will come in handy helping the London Underground. Afterall, their goals are the same as my personal ones. Stay alive, help others and stop this plague.

5th May 2006

Took out another of those walking abominations. Something inside me tells me this is wrong, I'm taking a life and I swore to uphold the law. What makes me any different from the people I put away? Then I remember, there's no humanity left in these undead. Maybe one day their humanity returns but the fact still remains, if I don't take them down first, they sure as hell won't think twice about gorging on my brains!

I've been watching the other survivors whilst being hold up in the hospital. They busy themselves barricading the entrances. I've sat back before not knowing how I can help. I'm gonna roll my sleevs up now though and make sure the barricade stays put.

1st May 2006

My hands have stopped being as shakey as they were when all this kicked off. I'm able to use my pistol a lot easier than before. All the police training I had you would have thought that some of it would have prepared you for something like this. But I suppose nothing can prepare you for this. It all seems like a horrible dream. I've not been able to find any of the boys from the station. I've been wandering around Jensentown now for several weeks. Either I move on or I start to help out some of the groups that have formed. Anything to survive this nightmare.

26th April 2006

I'm glad I paid attention whilst doing my police training. Using a shotgun has become a necessity just to go for supplies. I've got to grips with the one I'm currently using. My aim has vastly improved and I should be able to use that to my advantage.

21st April 2006

It's been fairly quiet this week. There have been a few lone zeds around the area. I did what I could but I got tired easily. I've had a wander around Jensentown and I'm starting to find other ways into buildings. I should be able to hop from one building to another without touching the street. This will be handy for getting supplies. There's a mall to the east. It's heavily barricaded but I should be able to get access now. That would be a good place for supplies.

16th April 2006

I've been weilding this axe with some success. It's starting to feel a lot easier and seem to connect with those undead scum more often. If I keep practicing I should get better. I'm hearing a lot about local people uniting in a common cause to drive the zombies out of Jensentown. Need to speak to people about offering my skills in the effort.

14th April 2006

These things are everywhere. I've been able to make several trips across into Judgewood for supplies. I stepped into Brentnall Grove Police Department. I raided the weapons caches and equipped myself with a shotgun and collected some ammo supplies. That evened up the score. On my way back to St Humphreys I encouontered a lone zombie. Took him down without hesitation. Got back to the hospital and carved a notch into the stock. I'm gonna keep a tally of everyone of those evil sonofabitches I take down.

12th April 2006

Spent a lot of time in this hospital. I'm starting to recognise several people here who have also taken refuge within it's walls. It's getting easier to identify which people require medical attention. Fortunately I have some basic first aid knowledge from the force. Let's hope I can help some.

28th March 2006

My time of hiding in the shadows is over. I've mourned the death of my beloved Susie for too long. People are dieing all around me and I swore an oath as a Malton Police Department officer to uphold the law and aid citizens. The hallways of St Humphreys have become well known to me. I need to put Susie to the back of my mind whilst I figure out what is going on and I need to roll my sleeves up and pitch in where needed. Fortunately my pistol is loaded as I don't think the streets are safe to wander without protection.

25th December 2005

Christmas Day! What's the point? Susie is gone. Can't see the point in living. I've been wandering this hospital looking for answers. I don't speak to anyone, I don't think they even notice my existance.

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