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Yup....Wait...Are you sure you want to be here?

You Are...

A Stalker. That's right. You're a stalker.


Going to be killed if my character finds you.


I'm a guy who lives somewhere in Ohio. I can't tell you where. Don't ask. My name is Travis *bleep*. You don't need to know my last name ether. Yeeeah. I like hard/classic rock. Except for Pink Floyd. I'm more The Who, AC/DC those guys. Currently I like Three Days Grace and Hinder. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be a Democrat, Liberal, Christan, and a PKer all at the same time. It just takes practice. And Donuts.

UD In UD all of my people and soon to be people will ether be a PKer or PKer sympathizer. Hopefully.

I quote from another Pker I know, Headless Gunner.

"If you are a survivor who just can't figure out why PKers don't just help out the cause against the zombies and help defend Malton before we all die horribly violent deaths at the hands of RRF or LUE or the zombie fad of the day, do yourself a favor and just save your breath. I'm a PKer. I've been a PKer for over 2 years now. You're not going to come along and make me see the error of my ways or convince me to stop doing whatever it is I'm doing to you or your group. I am an asshole with a capital "A", plain and simple, and you're only going to make things worse for yourself with that arguement that I've heard a hundred times"

Damn Straight.

Headlessgunner.jpg Genuine Murderer
"PKers don't sip tea with DEM by day and frag them with a happy little laugh by night. We kick their asses, take their names, and promise them more in return if they give us any further shit. We're not here to be nice guys who are a thorn in the side of the establishment." -Headless Gunner

Benzin2hq9.gif Long Live the Resistance!!!
This user waits until the stars are right for BenzinDevil to return to Malton.

Past PK Strikes

151 Silent Night Slaughter
Ho!Ho!Ho!Ho!Ho! This user or group caroled and celebrated with the residents of Fort Creedy on Christmas Eve in December 2007!!!

Killed: 2 Wounded: 1

Fortcreedyruined.PNG Destroyer Of Hope
TravDeDo had a hand in the First Ruining of Fort Creedy since Kevan fixed the forts. 'Twas a great day. Survivors screamed, zombies feasted, and murderers bathed in the blood of the innocent. Barhah! Praise be to Zeko!

I'm taking credit because I was part of SNS

Zombie bunny.jpg Extra Day of Death
TravDeDo leapt into March at Clapton Stadium and Pole Mall in West Grayside during the Leap Year Massacre of the PKA on February 29th, 2008.

Killed: 3 Wounded: 0

TravDeDo's people.


---TravDeDo----PKer------Creedy Guerilla Raiders

NOTES: 1st person. Now KOS! Yay! This is a non-roleplay person.

BACKSTORY: Previously a game show host in Malton. Seeing zombies eat his entire cast and crew drove him insane. He now enjoys golf, PKing innocent survivors, and Tetris.

Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
TravDeDo has PKed too many people.

CGR.jpg Welcome to the Resistance!
Creedy Guerrilla Raiders.
Where everybody's an insurgent.

Giddings Pker Seige.jpg Battle of Giddings
This user or group was among the murderers that killed unmercifully while the Battle of Giddings raged on.

---Raptimus----PKer------Brotherhood of the Reckoning

NOTES: Second Alt. This is a roleplay person.

BACKSTORY: A man from god knows where. He found the Brotherhood of the Reckoning, and realized this was a way he could quell his murderous instincts. He changed his name to Raptimus, and donned a long black cloak to show his allegence.

Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
Raptimus has PKed some people.
DuxBrrLogo.png The Brotherhood of the Reckoning
This user is the leader of The Brotherhood and enjoys killing the innocent

Templates! Yay!

Killer.jpg Player Killer
"One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god."

This user is a PKer and supports the act of Player Killing.

Cheese.jpg Mmmm, cheese…
TravDeDo really, really likes cheese.


Chuck.jpg BEWARE: Roundhouse Kick Master!
This user has mastered Chuck Norris' signature only move. It's deadly!

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.

Anarchytemp.jpg Anarchism
This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Anarchism, and will fight against all kind of oppression and groups that want to establish the old capitalistic order.

ASsmall.PNG Anti-Stupidity Alliance Member
This user is a member of the Anti-Stupidity Alliance

Captain Planet.PNG Captain Planet
The power is yours!

Banana.gif B-A-N-A-N-A-Z!
This user knows exactly what to do with a banana.

Batman-Bomb.gif Batman
This user is Batman.

Easy.jpg ASSHOLE
This person is a sadistic motherfucker, just like the guy who tricked this fat kid into wearing that shirt.

800px-Flag of the United States.svg.png American
This user is American.

This user is a Christian.

Hearta1.png TravDeDo has the Heart of a Child
Tucked away in a box somewhere

This user is a Democrat.

DontNerf.JPG Don't Nerf Mah PKing!
This user is sick of people trying to nerf PKing.

Trooper-hump-small.gif THE EMPIRE
Tremble in fear at the might of the Imperial Army!

Firefox.png Firefox User
This user uses Firefox.

Hypnotoad-1.gif Hypnotoad
All glory to the Hypnotoad!

Hat.jpg Honor Among Thieves
This user or group supports the Honor Among Thieves Policy & finds that PKing is more fun when only innocents suffer.

NoLOL.png Grammar
This user or group was instructed by [[User:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] to learn grammar. Please do so.
Ninja.gif Ninja
This user flips out and kills people. Ninjas are so totally awesome!

Nobrain.png Ban Stupidity
This user or group does not tolerate stupid people.
NoHubbard.jpg Scientology Unfriendly
This user thinks that Scientology is ridiculous.
GeorgeBush.jpg The President
Can you see the stupidity?!?

Cake.jpg Happy Birthday
This user was born on August 1st
Squad.jpg Firing Squad
This user thinks we should just shoot you and get it over with.

Gun.jpg Trigger Happy
This user has guns. Do not cross them.
Optimusprime2.jpg Optimus Prime
The owner of this page believes that Optimus Prime is totally badass and can kick everyone's ass.
GangstaRapVader.gif Gangsta Rap
This user is correct that it's not the East or the West side, North or the South side, but the Dark Side.
SnakeisDead.jpg SNAKE IS DEAD
Snake? Snake?! Snaaaaaaaaaaaaake!

Mariopimp.jpg Mario the Pimp
This user believes chicks dig plumbers who do Shrooms.
Greedo.jpg Greedo
This user or group supports the theory that Greedo did not shoot first and that there must have been another shooter on the grassy knoll. This shooter was probably a Centaur.

Bloodyknife.jpg PKer
This user is a PKer and is probably off killing some poor defenseless survivor.

Male.jpeg Male
This user is male.
Bill&ted05.jpg DUDE! It's a Template!
This user has been known to say the word "Dude" from time to time.
Dead.gif Urban Dead
This user plays Urban Dead. Wow, what are the odds?

Tetris.jpg Tetris Addict
This user is addicted to Tetris.
Damn.gif ... Wha?
This user just doesn't care.
Zeppelin.jpg Horse-Drawn Zeppelins FTW!
This user believes that horse-drawn zeppelins are awesome and wants to see them fill the skies of Malton.
Super mario revolution.jpg Mario is Stalin? Stalin color555.JPG
This User thinks that the famous plumber might not really be some random italian, but Comrade Stalin himself!

Familyguy.gif Annoying Relatives
This user has at least one annoying relative that plays Urban Dead.

108 Kill All Pigs!!!
This user is a cop killer.
Mercinaries.jpg Heavy Arms
This user or group has Heavy Arms and will use them if provoked.

Fascism.gif Fascists
This user or group hates fascists and will do everything in their power to feed them to the zombies.
  • coughcough*DEM*cough*
Force.gif USE THE FORCE!
This user only uses their powers for good,
and for tipping over small babies.

*No small babies were harmed in the making of this template*

Obi-wankenobi.jpg The Player Killer Alliance
You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
TuskenRaider.jpg Tusken Raider
Juggernaut.jpg Don't you know who the fuck I am?!
This user is the Juggernaut, bitch!
This User or Group is associated with The PKer Alliance.
This user supports PKer rights!

Swiss flag.jpg Safehouse Supporter
This user or group supports Vantar's Safehouse and respects its neutrality!

Welding.jpg Pain Is Money
This user's job takes blood and guts in the most literal sense possible.

Mays.jpg Billy Mays

Billy Mays here with an amazing product!

But wait, there's more!

Here's how to order!

Popcorn.jpg Popcorn
This user enjoys the gentle company of smooth butter with exploded starch as it is distributed indiscriminately upon the masses.
Mpd.png Report Me!
This user is an evil PKer. To punish me: report my kills on the Rogues Gallery!

Bored.jpg Why are you still reading these?
This user thinks you have way too much free time on your hands.

Wagon.jpg Bandwagon
This user has jumped on
the template bandwagon.
Wriststrong.jpg Wrist Strong
This user or group supports wrist awareness.
MDMTEMP.JPG Musée de Meurtre
"I went to Musée de Meurtre, and all I got were these lousy bullet wounds!"
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