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The Egotistic Assassin

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According to Irishmen, this user is someone who "smell[s] like cookies".
A Maggot
Joined: 2009-03-26
Character class: Zombie
Favorite equipment: Teeth
Group Ridleybank Resistance Front
Location Ridleybank

A Mistake of Nature

In June 2010, the Third Big Bash ravaged Eastern Malton. In their wake they left nothing but ruin, death, and a lone egg. By the time the month was over, it hatched outside Tolman Power Station. From it crawled a spineless worm. Too malformed to be classified as any normal creature, it became know simply as... A Maggot.

He crawled West, through the empty streets and destroyed buildings, searching to experience the world he had entered. He came across the living dead. They ignored him, and he moved on. He came across the living, and they did more than notice him. They taunted him. They insulted him. They even threatened him. I am going to claw my way down your throat and tear out your very soul... He didn't understand. They didn't even know who he was. Why were they treating him this way? All he did was walk in and taste them. And now they were mocking him. He fled as fast as his his squirming muscles would take him, away from the those that had a pulse, but lacked a heart. His self-esteem was crushed, and it will likely never be repaired.

As he drew close to the center of the city, he began to meet more zombies. But this time he saw their blank stares differently. Now he saw acceptance in their eyes. They were peaceful, tranquil, welcoming. They cared not about his appearance, nor his tendency to bite. Unwanted by the living, he eventually became integrated with the dead.

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