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Turner Calton.jpg

File Image, Calton, Turner 16/09/05


P.M.A.C file 5777893TC

T.O.A. Pvt. Turner Calton

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 11st

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Distinguishing Marks: Scars from shrapnel wound to left leg.

Summary: Checkered upbringing, often in trouble with the Police (cross ref: MPD5554 MPD32367 MPD99664)

Served with the British Army in Bosnia, the Gulf and Afghanistan

Recruited to P.M.A.C on recommendations of Lt. Colonel Mark Jacobs


Lean, like most of the long term survivors of Malton, life on the edge has kept him fitter then his PT instructors ever did. Scars now criss-cross his body, left behind by claws and bullets. Most are faded by the strange properties of the Revivication Serum, contrasting with those healed naturally. He still tries to keep himself clean shaven when he can, but recent events make that harder each day. His shredded BDU's have now been discarded for scavenged black cargo's, t-shirt and leather jacket. The P.M.A.C. and R.A. patches are proudly displayed on the left arm of his jacket. A simple silver ring is worn on his left hand.

With a ready smile and dirty sense of humour, Turner is always willing to look after his friends. Loyal and easy going, he has tempered his natural carefree nature through his time in the Services.

Often in trouble with the law, he finally decided to make a change, and signed his life away to the British Army in the hope that he could find the discipline and direction he needed. It worked, and his life pulled around, but his sense of fun never left him, often getting him time in the glass house for various stunts.

After seeing active service in Bosnia, the Gulf and Afghanistan, he mustered out around the time of the first outbreaks being reported. Shortly afterwards, he was recruited by one of his old Commanding Officers, who now worked for a private security firm called Post Mortem Animation Control.

After a stunt cooked up with his lifelong friend Locke McKenzie, involving the P.M.A.C branch offices Executive Toilets and a Flash-Bang grenade, Turner and Locke found themselves, and the rest of the I.I.T they trained with, onboard an Osprey headed for Malton.

The rest, as they say, is history...

Turner calton.png

File Image, Calton, Turner 17/11/06

(source - retrieved from NecroNet Terminal active in Dartside.)


File Image, Calton, Turner 23/02/07

(source - retrieved from NecroNet Terminal active in Dartside.)

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