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  • Name: Unema
  • Age: 19
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Blood Type: Unknown (But voted tasty by 4 out of 5 zambahs!)
  • Distinguishing features: Afro hairstyle, carries an ice-blue broadsword on his back
  • Group: Detulux Inc
  • Job Title: Minister of Explosives (to the country of Japan)
  • Duty: Diplomat
  • Bio: How could anyone employ a man who finds fire and explosions pretty? No idea really, you'd have to ask his boss. Either way, Unema's pyromania and explosives-fixation makes him ideal as the Detulux Inc diplomat. Since his arrival in Malton he has trained himself heavily in the use of firearms, first aid, Necrotech proceedures and, as of late, retail therapy. Although he carries his broadsword with him at all times he refuses to wield it, believing that it would be a profound insult to the one who entrusted it to him with her dying breaths. Unema isn't violent by nature, and prefers to have peace between Detulux Inc and other human groups. That way he can concentrate on slaying the zombies. Though if a group refuses peace and embraces war with Detulux Inc then

Unema will do his level best to defend his teammates, fighting with a cold and merciless precision.

Fire is Pretty
This user thinks that fire is pretty.
Ppp.jpg Pistol Ninja
This user is a pistol ninja
He shall bring headshots to barhah!.

Penguin-slap.gif WARNING!
This user or group knows how to lay the smack down.
Hypnotoad-1.gif Hypnotoad
All glory to the Hypnotoad!
Redskull.jpg Violence is quicker
Both diplomacy and violence solve problems. But violence is quicker.

Zed Kill Count: Circa 40 PKer Kill Count: 1 Number of times slain: 1


  • Name: Xoumoriv
  • Age: 18
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Blood Type: What Blood? He's a zombie!
  • Distinguishing features: Ice blue broadsword, Red hair styled in a flame pattern, white hollow mask
  • Bio: I know, a striking resemblance to unema in the blade style, he's what remains of Unema's younger brother.
  • History

-Acted as feral zombivor -Joined the Ridleybank Resistance Front -Broke down cades and opened door in the (probably) 5th Battle of Blackmore, feasted on those inside -Broke down cades and opened door in the Nichols mall seige immediately afterwards - Went on sabbatical to Pitneybank -Was combat revived, met The Malton Zookeepers -Joined The Malton Zookeepers -Took a leave of absence to join up with the The Second Big Bash

Brainz.gif The Second Big Bash!
This User or Group is a member of The Second Big Bash, and will be coming to your neighborhood soon! Please have lots of fresh brains ready when they arrive with all their friends.


  • Name: jouiles
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Distinguishing Features: Numerous fire axe scars and headshot wounds
  • Bio: Actually my little bro's character I'm training him up to make him nice and strong. He's currently in Lamport Hills breaking into a junkyard over and over and over again, purely to kill a survivor who combat revived him. I've recently learned that this junkyard is the base of the 23rd Inquisitional Strike Team and that Caliga, my target, is in fact a member of said group. Well, as much as I love the Inquisition I'm a Chaos boy myself, specifically a Khornate Chaos boy, well that and it's easy XP. Keep up the good work Caliga, you make a very skilled adversary.


Zergrush1.gif ZERGRUSHKEKEKEKE!!!!
This user hates Zergers but hates paranoid chickenshits more.

Unema has the following two characters;

  • Unema- Member of Detulux Inc, spends his time in the Detulux HQ saving lives and slaying zeds
  • Xoumoriv- Zombie member of the Ridleybank Resistance Front- Spends his time in greater Ridleybank as part of the Department of Homeland Security killing survivors are keeping the legedary Blackmore Building survivor free.

My younger brother also has a character who I've been leveling up for him. His name is jouiles and operated as a feral up the top edge of Malton.


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