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Sigfrid Süßermann the Mad

A member of the Philosophe Knights.

Yeah, yeah. I'm working on it.
Joined: September 21, 2005
Character class: Private
Favorite equipment: Book
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Slaughtering the ignorant
Character group: Philosophe_Knights
Character stats: What?
Journal: Journal for Sigfrid

Sigfrid's Description

Blood stains his fatigues, which have some small tears in them. A leather book case hangs from his belt on a chain. A loop on the other side of the belt holds his axe, bloodied and worn. He has dirty-blond hair, and wears a plain white mask on his face.

Sigfrid has certainly seen better days. He was one of the later soldiers to be dropped in to help control the epidemic, but is no longer new to surviving among the zombie hordes. He's hardened, now, and cold--a far cry from the sensitive, kind lad he had been when he came in. He sees things very differently now. No longer the kind, helpful lad he had been, he's seen far too much evil and suffering. He's half-mad, now, trusting few and killing many during his wild hallucinations.


Working on this one, too
Joined: September 21, 2005
Character class: Firefighter
Favorite equipment: Shotgun
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Playing Doctor
Character group: Sebright Union
Character stats: I still don't get this.
Journal: None for Wifey

Wifey's Description

A hardened man with an axe in his hands. He looks like he knows how to use it, as well as a good deal of other weapons. His dark, greasy hair (for he does not seem to have showered in months) is drawn back in a ponytail to keep it out of his face.

"Wifey," as he was teasingly called by his wife, prior to the infection, was a loving and diligent husband. He was an upright citizen, a good firefighter, and probably would have become an excellent father, had things in Malton continued on peacefully. He reacted to the zombies on the street more quickly, and with a clearer head, than most others. He and his wife packed up what they could, and rand for safety in the nearest Fort.

Not all of the survivors in Malton were as upstanding as he, though. One night, checking the barricades on the Fort, Wifey was struck hard in the back of the head by a rifle butt. The soldiers were bored, miserable, and they wanted action--and he had led a pretty woman right into their midst.

After their fun was over, and Wifey came to, he found her lying outside, having been shot squarely between the eyes afterwards. Heartbroken, confused, and furious, Wifey dragged her remains away, to a nearby church. The church was empty, so he pushed some pews in front of the entrance, and watched his wife intently, waiting for her to rise.

She never did. For whatever reason, she didn't get back up. She rotted away, until it was apparent to anyone that she would never rise again. Heartbreak and despair merged with fury, and Wifey was consumed by a flowing, palpable hatred. Murder practically infused in his veins, he spent weeks blindly killing anyone and everyone he saw. He was sick of them, the downtrodden, ungrateful people of Malton, and he could not rest when they were around him, the murdurers and humiliators of his beloved.

He did not see it coming, the bullet that finally did him in. People had caught on, and a group of vigilantes had come searching for him. They found him, and his death was every bit as swift and merciless as those his victims had suffered, before him.

For months, he wandered aimlessly as a zombie, breaking into buildings to gorge upon the flesh of those who would have been his victims, anyways, in life. When he was finally returned, through the wonder of NecroTech's inventions, he was an entirely different person. Perhaps his bloodlust was sated during his time as a zombie. Perhaps he cannot remember anything from before he died, beyond that he was called "Wifey." Perhaps the memories and the hatred only lie dormant, waiting to be reawoken.


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