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His full name is Leon Joseph Wilcox. American born, his family moved to England when he was ten, and he has lived there ever since. His technical expertise lead to his being recruited by the Special Public Maintainance Service, a group formed by the Ministries of Public Works and of Undead Research. He was eventually promoted to the possition of Vice Deputy Director of the SPMS's public front, the Intelligent Electric Power Company.

The SPMS trained him primarily in melee combat, and his meager skills in that department allowed him to escape the destruction of Intelligent Electric's initiall incursion into Malton. He managed to aquire a genuine Japanese Katana from an exibit at the Herbert Museum, which he uses in lieu of a fireaxe, though it affords him little advantage.

As a member of Intelligent Electric, his first priority is to reach the largest power station in the city, Krinks in Williamsville.



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