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Hey there!
(an attempt to put together some sort of "welcome package" for new players)

Just wandering around Malton.
Check out [[First_Day_in_Malton | "First Day in Malton" guide]]

====== Important maps ======

===== Some links =====
[[User:DangerReport/DangerCenter | Situation map (compare how dangerous the neighbourhood is) - whole city]]

[[First_Day_in_Malton | "First Day in Malton" guide]]
[http://map.dssrzs.org/ Map of Malton - easy building overview and navigation]

====== Maps ======
====== Other maps ======

[[User:DangerReport/DangerCenter | Situation map - whole city]]
[[NT_Status_Map | NT Buildings' Status Map]]
[[NT_Status_Map | NT buildings' status - map]]

[[Hospital Status Map]]
[[Hospital Status Map]]

[[Mall Status Map]]
[[Mall Status Map]]

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