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Revive.gif Revivification Requests
Undead? Want to breathe again?
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About Me

I try to play daily, I've have few skills but I did get a telephone mast working. I'm trying to help coordinate attacks and clearings of important buildings.

Lately I've been running around Osmondville, particularly the Axtence building. I'm considering a run to the mall if anyone wants to go.

My Suggestions

NecroBeast-Unpredictable Metamorphisis

Similiar to the Necrotherium suggestion with some modifications. 1 NecroBeast per four suburbs. NecroBeasts can be in the same neighborhood and attack each other

Prerequisite: No Necrobeast present in closest four suburbs, player must have been active within last few days (Two NecroBeasts cannot be in the same suburb at the same time because they are territorial, this will prevent a mob of NecroBeasts bounding about and creating too much of a commotion).

Events that cause the change (one of the following)

  1. Human player is bitten by a zombie inside a necrotech building, cemetery AND dies.
  2. A zombie is killed in a square with 20 or more dead bodies.
  3. Revivification syringe caused mutation on a human or a zombie.

Remember that is it random and unpredictable. Along with the prerequisites, You could possibly play for years and never create a NecroBeast or become one yourself.

What the NecroBeast gets:

  1. 150HP since no one wants to heal a NecroBeast regens 1HP every half hour.
  2. Decreased Vision/Improved Smell (no it doesn't smell all fresh and clean like bounty dryer sheets) Can't identify player names but distinguishes as so: Bad Food, Good Food, Yummy Food. Zombies are Bad Food but aren't harmful to the NecroBeast. Good Food are normal human players. Yummy Food are humans with bodybuilding or free running (if both then Really Yummy Food) because the free running and bodybuilding denote health, the meat of the human would be yummier. Killing Yummy or Really Yummy food gains 5-10 HP. The NecroBeast's screen also shows "There is a lot of Food/Good Food/Yummy Food/Really Yummy Food nearby" when there is a large group (50+) within 2 squares, can be inside or outside. Once in a square with food it does not distinguish between zombie and human, it just sees food
  3. Barricade Obliteration WAIT READ THIS The NecroBeast can only enter certain buildings because of it's size and the door size (example malls, churches, stadiums and fire stations) The NecroBeast can smash cleanly through a barricade in one AP but with a loss of 100HP 75HP since it'd be all gored up and stabbed with rebar, glass, metal and other objects. It's a pretty dumb animal so it makes sense. This would provide balance so when the NecroBeast attacks a building,once inside it is a normal HP opponent so the survivors inside CAN take it on. EDIT Also so it can't barge through a building everyday and has to take recuperation time
  4. Large Paws/Claws. The NecroBeasts 'hands' are about half the size of a human. This increases his chance of inflicting damage to 25 - 30% Damage dealt is the same percentage. Don't fret yet this gets a balance too
  5. A Place to Hide Since the NecroBeast can't barricade and can't mob up with other NecroBeasts it does need a place to hide. Yes it can enter the fore mentioned buildings but these are generally useful buildings to survivors so they will come back and attack him. The NecroBeast is only safe on high buildings like those that have 'Towers' in the name or on mobile masts. Once up there to safety the NecroBeast can only be shot at with projectile weapons such as a pistol, flare, or shotgun. This will allow the NecroBeast player to actually live long enough to become tactical and regain that 1HP per half hour.
  6. Death Bonus the NecroBeast becomes a Zombie when killed EDIT and whenever it smells a NecroBeast after that it gets an Adrenaline Rush for +25HP (because they're territorial)and keeps the scent skills as a bonus, when revived the human player can smell zombies and other NecroBeasts outside without exiting a building (can't see them but gets that message "You smell something that reminds you of Food outside", "You smell something Bad outside")
  7. the NecroBeast can also kill itself by jumping from the top of the towers or mobile masts, this would cause it -140HP damage, with a possible 10Hp left it can suicide into a barricade (not destroy it but bring it down a level or two)

Please take all of the equation into account before judging. I really believe that with a max 20 NecroBeasts running around with those abilities/disabilities would balance Zombie power and add fear back into the humans. (By the way I play as a human) Thank you. --Zex Suik 16:45, 29 Dec 2005 (GMT) |


Timestamp: 17:55, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)
Type: Items and Civilian Skill
Scope: Survivors (Zombies can benefit indirectly)
Description: First you have to find a F'n RC CAR, in a mall, warehouse (or towers possibly) you also have to have batteries (found in same location) F'n RC Cars are rare so you'd have to spend like 2 days or more searching for one in a mall with the Shopping AND Bargain Hunting Skill. Batteries are more common so you can find those almost at the same rate as shotgun shells.

Skill Set:

  1. F'n RC Car Hobbyist - gives the ability to operate a F'n RC Car (10% chance to hit, 50% chance of misguided attack)
    1. RC Skillz - Advanced RC Usage (25% chance to hit, 25% chance of misguided attack)
      1. Mad RC Skillz (55% chance to hit, 10% chance of misguided attack)

Basically, the F'n RC car is used to trip other players while they walk around. When they trip and fall they are dealt 2 - 10 HP damage (random amount, could be skinning a knee or bashing your head on a curb). The F'n RC Car isn't perfect though so if more than one other player is in the same block or building there is the chance that you might trip them instead (read misguided attack).


  1. Survivors
    1. You tripped over ZexSuik's F'n RC Car and bashed your head for 10HP, you feel angry
    2. You stumbled over ZexSuik's F'n RC Car and skinned your knee for 2HP, you feel clumsy
    3. You fell over ZexSuik's F'n RC Car and bruised your elbow for 5HP, you feel embarassed
  2. Zombies
    1. some small moving object tripped you, you gouged your eye out on a stick for 10HP, ZexSuik is laughing at you
    2. some small moving object made you stumble a bit more and you broke your jaw for 5HP, ZexSuik is controlling it
    3. a small moving object got in your way, you fell over it and broke a finger for 2HP. ZexSuik is pointing something at you.

An option up for debate is whether you can attack the F'n RC Car or if the F'n RC car should 'disappear' after a determined number of attacks (as it gets damaged). Remember that in a mass attack, use of this item can benefit the Zombies because of an undertalent user accidentally harming his/her co survivors.

Think about the flavor

Votes here

  1. KEEP Author Vote - for the flavor - --Zex Suik 17:55, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  2. spam You tripped over ZexSuik's F'n RC Car suggestion and spammed it for 1 vote, You feel annoyed--Vista 17:59, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)
    1. haha...why spam tho? --Zex Suik 18:01, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)
  3. Spam - You see Vista getting annoyed. You agree. -- Andrew McM 18:01, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)


Sure, I'd like to link up! I'm currently living in the Junkyard SE of the Axtence with Boris Danilov. I have a Mobile Phone, I'll try and set up a DSS Sat Phone script. Lots of family over atm. Happy Holidays! :D --LaughingVeggies 00:02, 25 December 2011 (UTC)