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Zyckde / Amiiir are inactive

Leave a message on my talk page by clicking here by DSS number 884-1048.

* Zyckde is in Williamsville
* Amiiir is in Dentonside


Bunghole.jpg Are you threatening me!?
Zyckde is # 1 on the NSU Death List.
Bunghole.jpg Are you threatening me!?
Amiir is # 26 on the NSU Death List.


* The Outbreak can be used by bigots and bosses to control and exploit the working masses.
* Only united action can turn this crisis into a step forward to a more just and equal society.

WilliamsvilleDefenseCoalitionFlag.jpg Coordination for once!
This user/group supports the The Williamsville Defense Coalition and hopes that they might have at least some success against the hordes.

Wwsissmallblue.jpg Wwsissmallblue.jpgWwsissmallblue.jpg
Emergency Radio
Wwsissmallblue.jpg Wwsissmallblue.jpgWwsissmallblue.jpg
This person is licensed to broadcast on freq. 27.18.

This frequency is registered by the WWSIS. Due to circumstances at the Krinks Power Station, Tolman Power Station and their surrounding area, licenses are freely available. WWSIS encourages the use of 27.18 and IRC in the struggle to keep the Power Stations free of zombies and hostile survivors. Click here to get one

Anti Big Bash.jpg
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