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From Rick

We do not know why Echalon would have that group tag, but Echalon has been a member of our group since the old days. We do realize that certain members of the Shearbank patrol may be ignorant of Alan Jersie's plans. Echalon did commit assault for which she has been dealt with internally. Unfortunately, I do not have authority over the unit engaging your members and both the Team's leader and our group leader Ferrum Leo are on vacation. I will ask the unit commander to show restraint, but his standing orders are to terminate your members unless the Shearbank Patrol surrenders. Ferrum Leo could ask the team leader to stop, but he just went on vacation. You were listed as a possible Pker due to Alan Jersie's previous conduct in other suburbs, where he and others have conducted themselves with little regard to civility, safety, or morality. I will ask that Mai Waifu not be targeted, but unless your members come forward to state that they do not recognize Alan Jersie as a member of the Shearbank Patrol I cannot guarantee their safety from our squad in Shearbank.. --Captain Rickety 06:55, 25 June 2009 (BST)