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A non-descript talk page.

Just a quick FYI

I moved your edit from RadicalWhig's Altabuse Evident Locker to its associated talk page. So, if you're looking for your comment later and didn't know where it had gone, that's where.

As for why, making edits to user pages (i.e. ones that start with "User:") without permission is generally considered to be vandalism, since user pages belong exclusively to their owner. Your edit, however, looks to have been a good faith edit that was merely put on the user page because you likely hadn't been made aware of the fact that we have a place to put separate comments. Anyway, now you know, so you can likely expect to see any responses from RadicalWhig on that page (or on his talk page, where you also posted).

Cheers. Aichon 00:19, 14 April 2018 (UTC)